She made it! First email and pictures from departure


IM ALIVE! hello momma, im here!! sorry if you were freaking out, it took foreverrrrrr to get out of the airport. the drive to the mtc was insane. thought i was going to die. but we made it safely and im here on this beautiful campus!!! the city around us is crazy ghetto…but so cool. but the campus is like a little part of heaven. im so excited. You really must  be the best prayer sayer in the world because guess how many missionaries were on my flight from SLC to mexico…..25. there was a total of 25 elders and sisters. it was the coolest sight ever to walk over to our boarding area in the SLC airport and just see this swarm of missionaries sitting there. i love it. i love it so much already. I already have my companion and name tag and everything!
My pday will be on wednesdays. im in district branch 9A. im supposed to tell you that. dont know why.
okay i have to go now! love you love you!!!
Hermana Brown
unnamed-1 IMG_9195
IMG_9164-1IMG_9174 (1)

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