Baileys first week in the MTC!!


helllllloooooo all. oh my goodness the past week has felt like a century of time squished into 7 days. haha the best 7 days. I dont even know where to begin! So I guess Ill kinda just do a play by play.


so we arrived here in mexico city on Wednesday evening and got all settled in. you feel like youre at high school orientation or something. theres only a few hundred missionaries here at the CCM, so when the newbies arrive every week, they stand out like sore thumbs. hahaha we were seriously wandering around like lost puppies and people just come up to you and are like “so, hows your first day?” without even asking. haha they just know. so there was 25 of us that arrived on wednesday and all but 3 of us are going back to the states! so we are the stateside bunch. I live with my companion, Hermana Challman, and then another companionship! i love them all so much. the other 2 girls are Hermana Lewis & Hermana Sipple. theyre headed to little rock arkansas! theyre so cute. is it bad to say that i kinda feel like im back in college when were in our casa because its just like a laugh fest every night…..probably. haha but yeah, love the hermanas.
then in our district theres 6 elders! 2 of them are going to Pocatello with me! Elder Banez and Elder Hamilton. so thats super cool. theyll be on my flight when i head back to the states. so you can feel blessed again mother. So my district is who i do literally everything with. you have class together everyday. which consists of 3 hours in the morning.
all the workers and teachers here are natives, which is awesome. our teacher is Hermana Sanchez. Shes theeee best. So yeah the first day was the scariest longest day of my life because the instuctors and teachers are told to not speak english to us. just spanish so that we learn faster. so we literally have to begggg them to sneak a few sentences of english in there a few times everyday. haha theyre the best though. the most humble and sweet people ever.
The first full day here you and your companion have to teach a lesson to a fake investigator….in spanish. like entirely in spanish. Deer Valley High school, thanks for teaching me how to say HOLA and “vamos a la playa” because that definitely did me no good when i had to teach a random mexican man about the mormon church for 30 minutes…..ahhh it was awful. haha but the lessons get better. me & challman have already done it 2 other times and it gets easier everytime. I can now officially pray in spanish, say my testimony in spanish, and recite “our missionary purpose” in spanish. so for the 7 days that ive been here, id say thats pretty good! (not really but i just keep telling myself that to make myself feel better) the investigators name is Hermano Suarez and he talks SO FAST and SO SOFT. its terrible. so whenever he asks us a question me & my comp just nod our head & say ” si!” so yeah… thats that.
other than that i dont even know. its all a blur. Monday morning the mexican cafeteria food caught up to me…sorry mother, your prayers didnt work their full magic that day. I was quite sick, haha which was not fun. but by the afternoon I was all good! so the storm passed quickly.haha but yeah, food isnt too hot. livin off of fruit and Pb&j.
today we went to the temple in Mexico City. Each district gets one trip to it while theyre here at the CCM. its a gorgeous temple. we also got to go to the visitors center and a little store that they have on the grounds. the visitors center was probably my favorite thing from all week. we had two hermanas give us a tour of the visitors center. they didnt really speak english at all. which was my favorite part because they were still trying so hard to teach. their lack of english didnt effect the spirit that was so present. i loved that because it assured me that even if i dont have the best spanish, the people that i teach will still be able to feel the spirit that me & my companion will hopefully teach with. and theyll feel the love that I have for them as people.
I love it here. i love being a missionary. i keep looking down at my name tag to check & see if its still there because it doesnt seem real. haha but it is, and im so happy that it is. I cant wait to get out there and start changing lives. This church is so true. I wouldnt  be sacrificing 1.5 years of my life if it wasnt. Thank you all for the support and love. Im gonna try to respond to everyones emails, but i only have an hour to write, so sorry if theyre short. love you all!!!
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Hermana Brown

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