dos semanas para la hermana

Stealing Daddy’s great subject title because it was just too good.

WEEK 2 HAS ARRIVED. Ah, this is crazy how time is flying. Dont know if it is back at home, but it sure is here. apologizing in advance for the chaos and jumbledness of this letter. Theres so much to tell about, but so little time and space.
First of all, last wednesday night me and my comp had our last lesson with our investigator Wilberto. We went into it with like zero notes..because we just wanted to test ourselves to see if we could have the faith to go by the Spirit alone. So we started the lesson by us singing Más Cerca, Dios, de Ti. Which is Nearer My God to thee in english. and that really calmed us down and brought the spirit right away. singing hymns in spanish is the best. But anyway, so we ended up doing the lesson pretty much without any help from our little spanish cheat sheet books at all. I felt really confident with my spanish and kinda just let the thoughts form and the words come out. It was pretty crazy. Prayer and faith work miracles my friends.

our district whom i love so much.

Okay now for the bessssst story. Saturday. Okay so theres a bad 24 hour flu goin around here at the CCM. and we had a couple elders get it. And saturday morning Hermana Lewis started feeling like she was getting it. super upset stomach. nausea. headache. everything. so at lunch she didnt eat anything and she was suuuuupppper pale. so I asked if she wanted me to come to the bathroom with her, so we went to the bathroom and she threw up a bunch and started feeling super weak. so I ran and got Hermana Sipple and Hermana Challman and basically to keep the story shorter…
She ended up like blacking out on the bathroom floor…she was shaking and she had lost all color in her face and she told us that she was in the worst stomach pain of her whole life. she was sobbing. It got to the point where she could barely even communicate with us. But she did get the word “blessing” out. so me and Challman ran and got these Elders in our zone. Elder Parry, Kiser, Lemmon, and Miller. They were eating lunch right then but when we ran up saying that Hermana Lewis needed a blessing, they literally dropped everything and sprinted over. They gathered around and gave her a blessing as she laid like basically unconscious on the bathroom floor. Elder Lemmon gave  her the sick and afflicted blessing and then Elder Parry gave her another blessing of comfort after. Parry is technically still supposed to be in High school right now. he graduated early though so he could leave on a mission. so hes BARELY 18. but oh my gosh, that blessing had the maturity of a general authority i swear. It was one of the most beautiful blessings I had ever heard.
Right after he finished the blessing Hermana Lewis completely stood up on her own. And we walked her to the doctor. She said she could barely remember anything that happened, and that she could barely tell who was even giving her the blessing. but she said as soon as the blessing ended, all of the pain went away. She rested the rest of the evening but by the end of the night was completely back to being her healthy happy self. Wow, it was the most incredible experience. She went from being unmoveable on the floor, to just standing up and feeling so much better.
I have such a strong testimony of Priesthood power. Those elders were so willing to drop everything and help us when we were in need. It was the most spiritual sight to see 4 huge guys kneeling on the floor over Hermana Lewis in the girls bathroom. Seriously, I cant even explain the spirit that was there. im so grateful for worthy preisthood holders and know that through that power, miracles can and will occur.
Sunday was bomb. As expected. We have a new President here at the CCM, so he gave a devotional and it was super good. His name is President Tenorio..first name Octavio i think…? not sure but hes from Mexico city and hes hilarious.
THEN YESTERDAY. Ah, sorry this is so long. so much to write. Yesterday we did a service project as a district and we helped in like the storage rooms here on campus. We lifted boxes and cleaned and just did work with all the workers here. Theyre all so humble and so happy. We love working and serving them sooooo much! Mexicans are the best, just sayin.

participants of the pizza eating challenge. after our stomachs had calmed and we could smile again.

Haha but okay last thing, so Tuesday night is Costco pizza night here at the CCM. So the elders in our zone challenged us Hermanas to a pizza eating competition….ah, it sounded like such a fun idea at the time…hahaha okay so we all know that costco pizza slices are HUGE. i scarfed down 4 of those babies. which is basically equivalent to like a whole pizza I swear. Anyway, the boys ended up winning because theyre boys, but they cheated because they were eating tiny slices and gave us the monsterous ones. SO ANYWAY. tuesday nights we have devotionals as an entire mtc. and at the devotional the CCM choir performs a musical number. and our whole district joined the choir. So basically, lesson learned, dont have a pizza eating competition and then go sing in a choir 15 minutes later. Oh man, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, hahaha but it all turned out good, i promise.
compliments of Hemana Lewis. Cockroaches are everywhere. #dontforgettopray

compliments of Hemana Lewis. Cockroaches are everywhere. #dontforgettopray

OKAY…sorry this is so long. just so much happens in a week. I love it all though. The native people are the best. Cant even explain how much love I have for those people. Im so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here at the CCM. I love being a missionary and its only been 2 weeks. The spanish is hard, really hard…and a lot of the time I wonder what the heck Im doing trying to learn it in 6 weeks. But I know that Im in the Lords hands and that hes going to help me through everything. Thank you everyone for the emails. Appreciate it so much.
Hermana Brown

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