hola hola hermanas y hermanos

okay so its quite scary how accurate the missionary phase is when people say “the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days” because the days go by pretty dang slow, but then you look back and 2 seconds later a whole nother week has gone by..hahaha like whaaattttt..im already half way done here at the CCM! ah, i dont like thinking about it. weird.
hermanas in our zone. plus 2 extra that we want to adopt into our zone because we love em so much.

hermanas in our zone. plus 2 extra that we want to adopt into our zone because we love em so much.

So another amazing week. On saturdays we now do whats called TRC in the morning. Its when native volunteers come in and you and your companion teach them. the cool thing is is that they can either be nonmembers, investigators, recent converts, or members. like FOR REAL. so me & my comp prepared a short little lesson about having faith in jesucristo. in espanol of course. the first girl we taught was this cute little 15 year old. she was a member! and it was cute because the whole time she was helping us with our spanish. haha then, the second lady we had was this old lady named Maria. ohhhh my goodness. She was a member as well. She came in and told us all about how the church is literallly her entire life. we asked her what she enjoys doing and she just said “anything that involves serving for the church”. at the end of the lesson me and Challman bore our testimonies to her about our faith in Christ. I looked over and Maria was wiping tears from her eyes. So of course then i started crying! oh my gosh. it was the coolest moment. afterwards i gave her a big hug. it was the perfect example of how our spanish doesnt have to be perfect. Just love who youre teaching and testify of christ and nothing will go wrong.


Monday and Tuesday were soooo saaaad. Okay so our favorite district in our zone, 9c left on tuesday. their district is 10 elders. all going to fort lauderdale florida. man, i spent 3 weeks with those elders and truly feel like theyre my brothers. we LOVE those elders. So monday we all spent gym time together and played a big game of volleyball and then later that night we had zone prayer together. we got in a circle and sang Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos. man you think that song is a sob fest in english. 10 times worse in spanish. we were all sobbing. and then we all went around and gave handshakes and handhugs hahaha. man. were gonna miss that district a lot. those elders were awesome. we will get a new district today to replace them though! so thatll be exciting to meet them.
last pic of our zone with district 9c. featuring our bomb branch president and his wife on the far left. hahaha love his face.

last pic of our zone with district 9c. featuring our bomb branch president and his wife on the far right. hahaha love his face.

AH THEN YESTERDAY. we love tuesdays. tuesday is service day. so this week we got to work in the back again with the laundry workers here at the CCM. all of whom are the sweetest natives ever. So you know those elastic sheet things that you put over your mattress that is impossible to fold, so you just end up bunching it up in a ball and throwing it in the cupboard?? well i can proudly say that i know how to fold one of those things. thanks to my good friend Jose. haha man, me & Hermana Lewis literally spent the ENTIRE service hour talking to him as we folded laundry. hes the cutest man. probably like 55 or 60. is a convert to the church. we were asking him what music and celebrities are big down here and he goes “girl who swings on ball…” bahahahaha Miley Cyrus. Then he asked all of us about how we gained our testimonies. ahhh it was so cool and so awesome because i COULD ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND HIM. well mostly everything. i told him he was my mejor amigo before we left. haha ah, love the latinos.
Ive been reading in Mosiah lately in my personal study. new favorite book in the book of mormon for sure. its insane how alive the scriptures have become now that im on my mission. Like i understand everything so much better and EVERYTHING can be applied to our lives. i know its because out here im away from all distractions. I love the scriptures. i love being a missionary. I love you all and thank you for the love and prayers.
hope all is well back in the bay.
con amor,
Hermana Brown

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