espanol all day erryday

hollllaaaa familia y amigos!

I swear i was just writing home yesterday…now i only have 1 more Pday after this and then im off to Pocatello! ahh..bittersweet feelins. i love the CCM more than anything. but cant wait to get out there and share the gospel forreals.
This week we as a district have really been trying to talk as much spanish as possible! So throughout the week we made lots of latino friends! its so cute to talk with the native missionaries that are here because theyre so sweet, and they wanna work on their english too, so we ask them how to say stuff in spanish and then they ask us how to say stuff in english. its pretty presh.
Sunday was the best this week. President Call is the 1st counselor of the CCM presidency and him and his wife came to our branch sacrament meeting. So him and his wife both spoke and they said some amazing stuff. Pres. Call used to be the mission president of a mission here in Mexico, so he told a story of one of the Hermanas that he had in his mission. He said she was the BEST sister missionary he ever had. and then proceeded to tell us that she also spoke the WORST spanish out of any missionary he had. He went on to talk about how this sister taught with so much love that it didnt even matter to the Latinos if she was conjugating her verbs right..or saying the correct words. he said everyone just loved her to death because she loved the people. He told us “No one will ever convert to the gospel because you are perfect at speaking spanish” I looooved his talk so much. I know my spanish isnt going to be perfect. but i hope i can be like that Hermana and just teach with so much love that it wont even matter how terrible i sound. haha man, it just made me so excited to get out there. Also another cool thing about sunday, we had a broadcast devotional from the Provo mtc! Elder Richard G. Scott spoke and it was so good. literally 4 separate times in his talk he mentioned the same line “you are inspired  to serve in the mission He called you in.” He finished his talk, there was a closing song, and then a sister went up to say the prayer, and then Elder Scott jumped up, stopped the girl, came to the pulpit and said, ” im sorry but i just felt prompted to say one more thing.” AND THEN HE TALKED ABOUT HOW OUR MISSIONS ARE INSPIRED AGAIN. ahhhhh it was so cooooolll…i dont know why, but it just hit me so hard. obviously the Lord really wanted all of us to remember that. Our missions were called of God. Pocatello Idaho or Ghana Africa, all us missionaries are out here for the same reason. To spread the only fully true Gospel on this earth. SO YEAH. spiritual highlight of the week for sure. IMG_0325
  Just to show how desperate me and Hermana Lewis are to start spreading the gospel forreals…today me & her tried to place our first book of mormon…hahaha we arent allowed to leave the gates of the CCM..and the gates are super tall and barbed wired..but we were determined, so i stood on Lewiss back and tried yelling someone down from the other side of the fence. hahaha but it was like 8 this morning, so there was like no one around..but we WILL make it happen. were going back to the fence later this afternoon for attempt #2. so pray for us that we will have success. prison-like walls and fences wont stop us from sharing the gospel. haha ill attach a pic to show. we looked so stupid. hahaha
ALSO, shout out to the best cousins ever. Received HOMEMADE brownies and dove chocolates from Tanner & Brittany this week!! with a sweet note attached saying that they came to the gates to personally drop it off! it made my entire week. So fun knowing i got some fam down here in Mexico City. And made me so so thankful to have such supportive and loving family members.

Shout out to Tanner and Brittany!!! Thanks so much!

Shout out to Tanner and Brittany!!! Thanks so much!

The spanish is coming along, and im learning to love it.  by no means is it easy, but no one said it would be. Im so thankful that the Lord trusts 18 and 19 year old men and women to spread his gospel across the world. and i feel so privileged to be wearing His name on my tag. I feel the Spirit so strong everyday here. Im so happy and feel so excited to get out there and serve. Everyday that im here i look around at all the missionaries and think to myself “here are 300+ missionaries..ages 18, 19 and a few years older..and were all putting our lives on hold for 18 months and 2 years because we know without a doubt that this is the true church. and this is the way to true happiness”.. So thankful to be here, Thank you all again for the emails and love. LOVE YOU ALL!
Hermana Brown



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