holy 6 semanas

hello all, literally the fastest 6 weeks of my life. I leave Mexico City early early Tuesday morning and my emotions are all over the place about it! The CCM has been one of the best experiences of my life. if not the best…and im going to miss everyone here so much. BUT, i know that this is only the beginning and i have so many more amazing experiences waiting for me out in the field.

me and Challman & this cool mural thing here.

me and Challman & this cool mural thing here.

ALSO, 6 weeks later and i finally received real mail!! wooooooo! thank you momma, paige, and kate! its funny though because in all of your letters you all mention “youre probably well into your first or second week right now!” haaaaaaaa…or 6th…but hey, better to receive it later than never, right?
Anyyywayyyy, this week was great, as all weeks have been. It was a great learning week, spiritually and with the language. As a district we decided to do our very first “english fast” which consisted of 24 hours of SOLO ESPAÑOL and noooooo english. haha oh gosh, it was rough at first..mostly because our español vocabulary is muy pequeño. BUT, after much complaining and lots of laughing, we finished the night off going strong and we were actually really happy we did it. we did it again on monday and it went SO much better. Although it was stressful, i know that the Lord noticed our efforts.


our district with our “solo español” stickers on our name tags.haha

Sundays are always my favorite so thats what im writing about today. We watched a talk from Elder bednar that he gave several years ago at the Provo MTC. it was about the character of Christ. if theres any way for you to watch it back at home, i HIGHLY recommend it. absolutely amazing talk. He talked about how one of the attributes that Christ possessed was the fact that he “turned out” when the natural man would “turn in”.. meaning that when trials hit..and were in rough times, its natural for us to only think about ourselves. But these are the times that Christ would think of other people. It hit me hard that as a missionary, we are representatives of Him. One of the elders here once put it this way…what is the definition of the word “representative”? its someone who takes the place and responsibility of another who could not be present…Christ can not be present on this earth at this time. So He has called us as missionaries to serve and preach in His place…the way that He would. I love thinking of it that way. I know that as a missionary it is my job to share this gospel and not only that…but be as christ-like as possible. i absolutely cannot wait to get to the field so i can start meeting people and spreading the happiness that this gospel has brought me. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE.

Service activity yesterday with some of the native workers! some of the most hardworking humble people i have ever met. (also dont know whats happening with my hair)

Service activity yesterday with some of the native workers! some of the most hardworking humble people i have ever met. (also dont know whats happening with my hair)

My experience here at the CCM has been absolutely incredible and i hate thinking that its time to leave..so many amazing people. and such a strong Spirit here on this campus. But i know that theres work for me to do in good ole Pocatello! cant wait for all that lies ahead. So grateful to be a missionary. Love you all! thank you for everything.
Mucho amor,
Hermana Brown



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