fan girl moment (lo siento) BUT I MET DAVID ARCHULETA

ahhhh last week in the CCM was crazy! I am now on the normal missionary track with Pdays because i leave for pocatello at 4:30 tomorrow morning! so this is my pday for this week. and from now on i will always be emailing on mondays!

Okay so i only have a little bit of time to email today, so i gotta keep this short. but basically my CCM experience is very complete for two reasons. 1. i had the lovely pleasure of getting the 24 hour stomach flu (a CCM must-have) and 2. I MET DAVID ARCHULETA. so yeah basically i can leave here feeling very content.


no caption necessary

So Friday i literally spent the entire day in the casa with the flu…geez, it was awful. it gets passed around here like crazy here at the CCM, and of courseeee i had to get it one of my last days here. haha they wouldnt let me leave without experiencing it i guess. It was awful, but fortunately i have an amazing comp and roommates who took great care of me. and I also received a priesthood blessing from some elders in my zone, which was the best. I love receiving priesthood blessings and physically feeling the power and authority that they hold when they place their hands on your head. By Saturday i was feeling so much better. WHICH WAS SUCH A BLESSING BECAUSEEEEE…. we were just chillin in our classroom doing personal study when we see this little crowd of people taking pictures in front of the sign..and out of all people its David Archuleta!! ahhh we all went sprinting out there like wild animals..haha we got to shake his hand and tell him where we were from and take a picture with him. He only spoke to us in spanish that was unfortunate because it restricted us from pestering him with questions..haha smart boy. He was only here at the CCM for a couple hours just getting a tour. he’s here in Mexico City for the Meet the Mormons premiere! Along with the kickboxer lady from costa rica! (shes in the pic too) but was so cool. he’s such a cutie.
Sunday was a sad day but a great day. The broadcast devotional was the highlight of my week again for sure. This week we watched Elder Hollands talk from several years ago at the Provo MTC. im not sure what its called..but he focused on the story of Peter. When Christ asks him 3 times “Peter do you love me?” it was an amazing talk. the devotional ended with the closing hymn, Because I have Been Given Much. I balled my eyes out as we sang that song because i realized that that song is exactly how i feel about serving a mission. because i have been given much…because ive been blessed enough to have been born into this gospel, to have had this happiness in my life…i too must give. Its a simple reason, but I think its a valid one…Thennnn later that night everyone that entered the CCM the same day as us (who are also leaving with us this week) had the opportunity of having a little testimony meeting. (in english thank the heavens) The Spirit was so strong, it was the perfect ending to a great day, and the perfect ending to my CCM experience.


our whole zone after our weekly kickball game

Geez, I honestly cant believe that I leave in the morning. Its crazy to think that this is only the very beginning of my mission experience. i seriously wish EVERY missionary could come to the CCM. it was the fastest, busiest, craziest, most spiritual 6 weeks of my life, and i wouldnt trade it for anything. Its going to be so hard to say bye to everyone. But the thought of all the investigators out there waiting for me makes me so excited. I know its going to be tough out there in the field. I still feel so inadequate when it comes to my ability to speak spanish..but i keep telling myself, “hey im confident in my ability to bear my testimony, so thats all i really need, right?” haha..i know i will learn so much once i enter the field. I know that through the Holy Ghost, I will be able to say exactly what the Lord wants me to. The 6 weeks that ive been serving a mission, i have become closer to my Savior Jesus Christ than i ever have in my life. Because He atoned for us, i would do anything for Him. I dont even see my mission as a sacrifice anymore..18 months is nothing. its the least i could be doing for Him. I am so so happy and grateful to be here!
Love you all. Next time I write Ill be back in good ole Idaho! im beyond excited to start the Lords work.
Con Amor,
Hermana Brown



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