holy moly where am i and why is this all happening so fast..geez, i am finally here! in my first area, good ole Grace, Idaho. Where there is no stop lights…or grocery stores…just a gas station, a high school, one scary restaurant…and 2 chapels. (of course) but okay okay, ill come back to that. gotta go in chronological order here.

at the beautiful Idaho Falls temple after a training meeting!

at the beautiful Idaho Falls temple after a training meeting!

OKAY, so i have to share an experience before i go into Grace and everything here….so i had an adventure amongst my travels from mexico back to the US. geez, bare with me in this story, its going to be jumbled and confusing. Basically the story in a nutshell..Tuesday morning we left the CCM..about 6 of us. And on the car ride to the Mexico City airport…i got hit by the worst feeling of food poisoning or SOMETHING..i dont know what it was..but i felt burning hot..and like i was dying..and like i was going to puke..and like i couldnt walk..but i sucked it up and didnt say anything because i didnt want to delay the travels or anything. SO, we got to the airport..were standing in line to check in..anddddd i puked…off to the side of the line..but im not even feeling the embarrassment until now because i was literally sooo out of it at the time..Long story short, i didnt know what was happening to me, but i felt like my body was like..falling apart. and i was miserable, and i was crying..because i was in the mexico city airport, trying to catch a plane to my mission..and people were staring at me…and i could not figure out why God was putting me through this misery at that moment…So we got to the boarding area finally, and the elders with me (3 of which were in my district back at the CCM and are like family to me) asked if i wanted a blessing. Which obviously i did…they ended up giving me the blessing in a family restroom because there was no other private place in the airport..hahaha i literally sat on the toilet and they gave me a blessing. oh my gosh, im laughing as i type this, but in the moment…i was miserable and desperate. But seriously, i am so grateful for those elders. I am so grateful for their priesthood power. After i received the blessing I was filled with so much peace. Elder Southwick gave the blessing and promised that the Lord would be by my side throughout my travels that day. It was such a beautiful blessing. BUT OKAY HERES THE BEST PART. so we board the plane..and Southwick and Challman were on a plane after they were still sitting in the boarding area. SO LONG STORY SHORT. there was a man who saw this whole situation go down..he actually thought i was pregnant and was experiencing morning sickness…but thats beyond the point. THE POINT IS, this man asked Challman and Southwick what was going on..and what happened to me..And through that little conversation starter, Challman and Southwick were able to tell him that i was sick, and that through the priesthood power which we have in our church, they were able to give me a blessing, AND THEN THEY GAVE HIM A BOOK OF MORMON AND HE SAID HE WOULD READ IT. ahhhhhhhhh missionary work is so amazing. I know that the reason I got sick at that moment..on that that airport..was to allow that missionary opportunity to happen. I dont know whats ever going to happen with that man. But i know with every part of me, that thats why I got sick. Was so that man could be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church is true folks.

 saying bye to bffs at the CCM

saying bye to bffs at the CCM

BUT OKAY NOW ABOUT GRACE. its tiny. so tiny. My comp is Hermana Jones and shes been so good to me. shes from alabama! so were just two white girls trying to speak spanish..hahaha man. Grace is an extremely tough area to be in for my first transfer because me and Hermana jones cover FIVE wards. 5. we are the only missionaries for the whole stake basically..but its all good because the members here are amazing. seriously they are the sweetest people. Theres not enough Hispanics here to have a branch, but there are so many mexican farm workers here who want to here the gospel. My first lesson in espanol was scary..and i was silent for most of the time..but hey, ill get used to it. Ill get better.

yeah we drive a 2015 Nissan truck. and its the best. #blessedbecauseofidaho

yeah we drive a 2015 Nissan truck. and its the best. #blessedbecauseofidaho

Okay highlight of the week and then i need to wrap this up. We have an investigator named Josh. He has a baptismal date set for the 21st! but hes struggling with his testimony of joseph smith…so we met at a members house on saturday night and watched the Restoration movie. The spirit was so strong. Josh loved it..and after we asked him if he believed that JS was a prophet…and he said “after watching that i think he could be..yes.” oh my gosh, it was so hard to contain my excitement. once again, church is true folks.
But okay this email is a mile long… The field is hard..its a lot harder. but I had some assurance in my personal study this week.
 Alma 29:6 ” Why should I desire more than to perform the work to which I have been called?”
I dont need to worry or wish for anything else…im so blessed to be doing this work. Love you all so much.
Hermana Brown
saying bye to bffs at the CCM

saying bye to bffs at the CCM


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