quicky email


hola hola, ahhh so much good stuff and so much craziness.

I gotta say, the beginning of the mission is hard…its definitely not the same as chillin in paradise at the Mexico mtc..haha its harder. But i know that this time will strengthen me so much as a missionary.
We had a lot more Hispanic work this week, which i LOVED. and thats of course excluding the embarrassing moments of my terrible spanish…but one of my favorite moments this week was going to visit this family Rosio y Tavo. Rosio is a less active and her husband Tavo isnt a member..he believes the church is true! but loves his beer a little too much..haha but anyway, we went over there and they immediately just started bringing out the food. She fed us this bomb soup and salsa and tortillas..ahhh..gotta love the mexican food. we shared a message with them and the spirit was so strong. Its just really hard with the spanish work here in Grace..because theres a lot of spanish speakers with testimonies..but not enough to start a branch. so we’re asking a lot of them..to get baptized and attend a church where they’ll come for 3 hours every sunday and not even understand anything..its so hard to get them to commit to that. But i know that the Lord will provide a way for these sweet people here.
At this point in the mission its really easy to feel very inadequate…i sometimes feel like im a burden on my trainer. But i know that these hard times are all to benefit my strength down the road. Since ive been a missionary I have come to rely on prayer and scritpure study more than i ever have in my life. I find so much peace in them. Im reading in Alma right now and i loved in chapter 37, verse 44 how it tells us ” give heed to the word of christ which will point you to a straight course to eternal bliss.” ah..i love that so much. Our life here on earth is simple…its just ourselves who make it complicated. Give heed to the word of christ. follow him. trust him. and the way that He provides will lead us to eternal bliss.
Love you all so much. thank you for everything! all the packages and cards…i am so appreciative and so blessed.
con amor,
hermana brown



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