Got to do some service and feed some baby lambs!

Got to do some service and feed some baby lambs!


geez, the mission is a rollercoaster ride of trials and blessings and miracles. like i didnt think it was possible to witness so much of all of them in one week! ah, crazy. but so good.

Okay ill start with the trials…then end with the good stuff. So i dont know if ive mentioned them before…but the Villagomez family. Alfonso is the dad, and then he is raising his 11 year old twin boys, Alfonso jr. and Humberto. This was the first hispanic family that i met when i got here in grace. the dad got baptized the sunday before i got here..and his boys got baptized last summer. The twins are literally the cutest/sweetest boys ever. we played sports with them on wednesday nights. Basically just fell in love with them from the moment i met them..anyway, saturday they were all in a terrible car accident. The dad and Alfonso jr are fine…but yesterday they took Humberto off of life support. So yesterday was a really really hard day…their family has already gone through so much. now with this…and imagine losing your twin brother..its seriously the saddest thing. But sister Jones and I are hoping that this brings their family together and gives them the desire to enter the temple. So this week is going to be hard…their family doesnt really have any friends here in sister jones and i will be over there later this week. hopefully to teach about eternal families and the plan of salvation. please please keep the Villagomez family in your prayers.
Okay now for the blessings and miracles. So we met this woman named Kendra last week..not a member..but her fiance is less friday we went by to check up on her again, but she wasnt home. AND INSTEAD, her fiance just so happened to be out front working on the car. Long story short, we started talking to him about why he fell away from the church..said he served a mission in Ireland and it was the best experience ever. Said he got home and just fell into a rut..and hasnt been able to get out of it since. He expressed to us that he still has a testimony and that he’s tired of living in sin. BASICALLY THE BEST WORDS FOR A MISSIONARY TO HEAR. ahh, so we talked with him about the atonement….and I told him to not procrastinate repentance. Repentance is often given a negative connotation..but its such a blessing. Look at it as a beautiful opportunity for you to become closer to your Savior. Before me & sister Jones left, Matt told us “i really hope that when i was on my mission…i made the people that i taught..feel the spirit that strong.” The spirit truly was so strong as we taught him that short lesson on his driveway. I know that that evening..we werent inspired to come back to see Kendra…but him. The church is so stinkin true. and these experiences are experiences that will benefit my life forever.
ALSO, I WILL HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS WEEK. Josh gets baptized on Saturday! so exciting. he has such a strong testimony. he is so wise. it’ll be a good day.
I feel your love and prayers every day. thank you so much for everything. hope you are all doing well!
hermana brown



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