bittersweet semana

Josh's baptism!

Josh’s baptism!

oh goodness gracious. this my. some of the hardest and best times.

I guess i’ll just talk about Saturday, because saturday was the craziest day ever. Saturday morning was Humberto’s funeral…and saturday niiiight was Josh’s baptism. haha so that just sums up how crazy emotional that day was. But the one thing that was constant that whole day was the Spirit. So the Villagomez family has a couple members in like their extended family…but not many. So the funeral was the grave side there was lots of wailing and loud sobbing..kind of a cultural thing i guess, but was heartbreaking. Sister jones and I were talking about how crazy it was how you could tell who was a member at that funeral, and who wasnt…those that were members had such a peaceful countenance.. although it was so sad for everyone. you could tell who had a testimony of the plan of salvation. The funeral was held at the church, which was really good. The talks were all kept very positive..Talked a lot about how Humberto was needed in heaven to do missionary share his pure testimony and touch the lives of little children on the other side. Alfonso (his twin) was such a good sport all day. Ill attach a picture with him. love those boys so much. Sister jones and I hope that this time of mourning will soften the hearts of the people here in grace…we’ve already been able to teach so many people about the Plan of Salvation this week. It really is so great.

With Alfonzo, at his twin brother Humberto's, funeral.

With Alfonzo, at his twin brother Humberto’s, funeral.

NOW FOR THE HAPPY PART OF THE DAY- my first baptism!!! ahhhhhh SO AMAZING. the baptism went perfectly with Josh. His whole family came which was really cool…none of them are members except for his dad (whose very less active). The change in Josh’s countenance is indescribable.. he’s so happy. he literally glows and radiates. At the end of the baptism we invited him to bear his testimony. When I arrived here to the mission field, and when i first started teaching him..we were really focusing on teaching about Joseph Smith..and how he was a prophet of God. Josh struggled with that testimony….but as he bore his testimony that night, he said “and i know that if a man..had the courage to stand before thousands of people and tell them that he saw God and Jesus..and then get totally bashed for it..but not back down..then that really must have happened. and he really must be a prophet of god.” holy smokes, when he said that i lost it so bad. hahaha because I just kept thinking to myself “this is why i came out here”. helping others come to the beautiful knowledge of the gospel..brings joy that can be found no where else. Josh is going to be an AMAZING member..he is thinking of a mission actually! so cool. so blessed to be a part of his conversion.
This past week i have experienced a lot of the ups and downs of the mission life. lots of tears but even more smiles. The church is so true. Im so blessed to be out here in good ole Grace! thank you for all the love and support..i cant say thank you enough!
con amor,
hermana brown
Roadtrippin with the Soda Springs Sisters

Roadtrippin with the Soda Springs Sisters


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