“joy always comes after sorrow!”

ayeeee bonus points for whoever guesses whose talk at the broadcast that quote is from! haha President Eyring. Ah, i loved his talk. that quote is perfect to describe this week. after last week and the death/funeral of humberto, this week has definitely made up for it with all the blessings and miracles. I have a strong testimony that the Lord showers us with blessings ESPECIALLY after we go through hard times.

Highlight of the week- okay here we go. so thursday night sister jones and I were out doin our thing…and it was 8:30 and we’re supposed to be back at our house at 9. and we had two families that we wanted to go see! but we only had time to go see one…so we did the thing that missionaries do best and we said a prayer to know which person we needed to go see. So, we felt prompted that we needed to go see Tapanaga. Yes her name is really Tapanga. hahaha she’s like 13. crazy girl. Anyway, so we pull up to her sketchy house and her older brother and his 2 friends are standing on the porch smokin their blunts…haha sweeeet. (but actually terrifying) But that cant stop ya as a missionary. We went up to the door, asked them if Tapanga was home and they said she had actually already gone to bed. Long story short…we ended up talking to the 3 boys for about 20 minutes. Chatted about life and then Sister Jones and I got to teach them a little bit about the Plan of Salvation..and the Restoration of the gospel. At the end we asked them if/when they came to know these things were true, would they be baptized…and they both said they probably would. We said a prayer with them before we left and i got emotional during it. Just kinda hit me how amazing missionary work is. Here i was with my companion..teaching the gospel to 3 little punks..smoking on the porch in the pitch black dark…and I was feeling the spirit. I had totally felt the spirit the entire time we were talking to them! And i know for a fact that never in a million years would i ever had the guts to do that back at home..haha. Geez, I cant express the happiness that i felt in that moment. We’re gonna text the boys later this week and see if we can set a lesson up. so we’ll see how it goes! I know that we were prompted to go to that house, that night, at that time, to plant that seed for those boys. blessssingsssssss.
Other exciting news- Josh was ordained a priest yesterday and received the Aaronic Priesthood! yaaaaaayyyy! he glows. he’s an entirely different person. so awesome. he’s also going to the temple this week to do baptims for the dead!
was reading in D&C 109 the other day. encourage y’all to read it if you wanna get a pump up about missionary work. “..that thy servants may go forth from this house armed with thy power, and that thy name may be upon them, and thy glory be round about them, and thine angels have charge over them.”
Mother, if that doesnt assure you that i’ll be safe out here on my mission…i dont know what will. haha mission life is the best. This is His work. And because its His work, we need not fear. Love love love you all. have a great conference/easter weekend!
con amor,
hermana brown

Bailey didn’t have any pictures in her email this week, so I added this one from right before she left home for the MTC. IMG_3607


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