“thank you, now i believe in God”

Ahhhhh milagros y bendiciones. thats all i gotta say. The church is true. Conference was beautiful…ive discovered that its like Christmas when you’re a missionary. maybe even better…

Okay i have to be quick today, but theres a lot of random things I want to share. so im just gonna mention a few amazing things.
1.)My first transfer is complete!! we got transfer calls on thursday. hermana jones is getting transferred back to the Visitors Center in Idaho Falls, and I will be staying in Grace! My new companion will be Hermana Tapia who is from Argentina!!!  Jones has taught me so much…ive come to love her more than i thought…it will be scary taking over Grace without her, but im so excited for the adventures and blessings that await with Hermana Tapia.
2.) Currently teaching a 10 year old boy named Zack. His parents are inactive, but they told him that he could get baptized if he really wanted to…he just would have to take the missionary lessons first. perfect, right? So basically he is a 40 year old man trapped in a 10 year old body. he is so wise…so anxious and willing to learn…has so many great questions. We set a baptismal date with him for the 24th! so please pray that that will be able to stick. ANYWAY, we went over tuesday night..and it was his birthday so we brought him a treat and small gift. when i gave it to him he said “hold on sister brown, i have a gift for you too!” he ran into the other room and then came back with a card. The front said “sister Brown” and on the inside it said nothing but “Thank you, now i believe in God” Tears immediately came to my eyes as i read it….oh my goodness. I am going to cherish that card for the rest of my life, really. I actually carry it around with me in my purse now. It reminds me of my purpose…what a joy and privilege it is to be able to help others come unto Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. I LOVE ZACK SO STINKIN MUCH. unnamed-13
3.) the spanish work!!!! oh my goodness this past week we have contacted so many potential hispanic investigators!! we met a man named Chicho…a man named Hugo Plancarte…and Armando Rodriguez. ah, hispanics are so easy to love. Yesterday we went and saw Armando again and he basically told us that he’s a devout Catholic..but he knows the Book of mormon is the word of God. like um….perfect. haha he is such a sweet man. AND I UNDERSTOOD LIKE THE WHOLE CONVERSATION…almost. haha the spanish is comin along. but im tryin not too stress about it because i know you just gotta love em and the Spirit will do the rest. but yeah, especially with Hermana Tapia being my new companion…the hispanic work is really going to start hastening this next transfer. so exciting!!
Okay thats all i got for today. I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk yesterday about Grace. (not a biased opinion i swear)  “Have any of us done all that we can do?” noooooo way jose. We can all do so much more. The church is so true and we are so blessed to know that. share it.
love you all so much. thank you for everything!!!
con amor,
hermana brown

the zone!


When Bailey sent us this picture weeks ago, I couldn’t help but think of another picture that I love by Del Parson “Lost Lamb”.  With Easter yesterday and Elder Brent Nielson’s talk, I was thinking about it even more so.  I don’t think it is too irreverent to say that Bailey is finding those lost lambs too!  We love you, Hermana Brown!



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