im a wanna-be argentine

 the post-transfer zone!

the post-transfer zone!

Fair warning, im already to the point where i have no clue what to put as the subject of my emails…. so theyre gonna start getting weird.

But yeah..I loveeee my new companion, sister tapia! she’s from Buenas Aires..(dont know how to spell that) Argentina! but she lived for a long time in Provo! so her english is perfect…so she’s fluent in both languages. its such a blessing. At first i told her that as she helped me with my spanish, i’d help her with her english..but then i realized that her english doesnt need any help…so i told her im gonna teach her to speak like a ghetto Bay Area-an instead. it’ll be great.

hermana tapia and me

hermana tapia and me

this past week was kinda crazy since it was transfer week…and quite overwhelming, but it was really good! we have 2 new investigators which is so exciting…Julio and Osvaldo. its so sad..most of the hispanics here in Grace are just men living by themselves…and then their families are back in Mexico. So they’re just here working..trying to make money for their families. Thursday i was super stressed because I have to kinda take charge with everything now…because sister tapia has never served here in grace. so i was freaking out trying to plan for the day..i had no idea who we were going to see…but i kinda just put my faith in the Lord that the Holy Ghost would lead me to those we needed to see. towards the end of the day I felt that we should go knock at this trailer house that we had never stopped at  before…so we did and thats where we met Osvaldo. he told us we actually came at a really good time because he’s been really sad lately. he left his family in Mexico right after his wife got he now has a 1 year old baby that he has never met before. and he just misses them a ton…so it was awesome because we got to share a little bit about families..and the plan of salvation, and we gave him a book of mormon. we are going back to see him on sunday! so im really looking forward to that… It was just so relieving and testimony-building to see that when you trust in the lord..the holy ghost will truly guide you to where you need to be.
My spanish is comin along! i guess…haha ah, its hard..but sister tapia is going to help me so much. and im so pumped because Im totally gonna get an Argentine accent.
Sorry this email is all over the place. The church is true and im so privileged to be able to serve..thank you all for the emails. they motivate me and teach me so much. Trust in the Lord and He will carry you through your trials..and lead you to happiness.
hermana brown
 pretty rainbow after the rain that we fasted for!

pretty rainbow after the rain that we fasted for!



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