Su llamamiento le da autoridad, guardar convenios le da poder

Just asked sister tapia “hey type out my subject for this email for me…make it fancy so people will be impressed by my spanish skills” so if youre was sister tapia. But what she put is so true!! obedience and keeping commandments provides us with so much power as missionaries..ive seen this a lot this week.



This week had its ups and downs. We had to reschedule Zack’s baptism date…his stinkin parents. theyre divorced and he always ends up at his dads on sundays…of whom he has zero support from when it comes to him getting he hasnt even been able to come to church yet. its so frustrating because he has such strong desires!! and his church attendance is just out of his control…but hey, its all gonna work out. were shooting for May 15th now…i know that with prayer and exact obedience he’ll be able to be baptized.
We had a couple really cool experiences this week…I’ve been working on following promptings of the Holy Ghost, and just trusting that by doing that…we’ll be blessed. And its absolutely amazing to see whats come of it..So since Sister Tapia is still getting to know everyone here..I do the planning i choose who were gonna go see..and at what time..and all that fun stuff. and i was super nervous about this..i felt very incompetent for such a inspired kind of responsibility..but anyway, so on thursday I felt really impressed that we needed to go see this inactive family, the Smiths. so we did..and we get invited in the house by the husband..but then the wife comes in and just flips out at us..and goes on this rant about how she’s suffering from severe depression and shes off her meds and she hates her life..and thinks about killing herself everyday. It was sooooo scary…But we were able to kinda calm her down. and we talked about the atonement for a few minutes before we left. We ended up calling the bishop after to tell him. The next morning we received a text from Bishop Matthews..thanking us for going over there that night. he told us that he had had the worst feeling all that day..and didnt know why..or what he was supposed to about it. and then after he received the call from us..he knew thats what the bad feeling was about. and right after our call..he was able to go over to the smiths home and give her a blessing. He said that we were an answer to his prayer..because he had been praying all day to know why he had this bad feeling..and what he was supposed to do about it…MILAGROS. such a cool experience.

the best (and only) store in town.

the best (and only) store in town.

second really cool ive been struggling a lot with my confidence to speak when we’re out teaching. and so ive been praying a lot to have my faith strengthened for this. So yesterday we went and saw Osvlado again. And i was quiet for most of the lesson..but i knew i just needed to suck it up and say something. So i basically just told him that i cant really speak spanish…but i can testify. and then i just kinda expressed my feelings on what we were teaching, and bore my testimony..told him that im here as a young missionary..struggling to learn spanish, because i know without a doubt that this is the true gospel. and i want to share that. We had a member with us at the lesson who didnt know any as i was speaking, hermana tapia was translating what i was saying (into english) so that the member with us could understand what i was saying. and i know for a gosh darn fact that i wasnt saying everything correct…but sister tapia translated it in the way she knew i meant to say it. I got really emotional afterwards because I realized that this is exactly how the Spirit works. Im not going to say everything perfect..but the spirit edits..and testifies. The people i teach will hear the truths that i testify..and my mistakes with the language will be unacknowledged… it was a super good lesson with Osvaldo. so pray for him too!!
We’re starting a sports night on wednesday for all the hispanics in the area and were gonna play some fuuuutbollllll. its gonna be so fun. im so excited.
The work is amazing. Ive only been out 3 months and i can already see how this time as a missionary is going to bless my life eternally. I can testify that losing yourself in the service of others truly does bring the most ideal form of happiness.
la iglesia es verdadera…para siempre.
con amor,
hermana brown

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