sup yoch town

jammin on our way to Bear Lake for some pizza

jammin on our way to Bear Lake for some pizza

hi hiiii, dont even know what to say…im in missionary heaven. this transfer is such a blessing. I couldn’t ask for a better companion. It’s like serving with a best friend that ive had my whole life…im so grateful for hermana tapia and all the memories that we are making here in good ole grace.

The work is hastening so fast its crazy! ah, its awesome..Wednesday night we started up our sports night again for any hispanics in the community that want to come…we played soccer in the gym for like an hour and a half and it was so fun. Oh my goodness, picture 3 peruvians…4 argentine…and then 2 of the whitest people on the planet playing soccer together (one being myself, the other being Bishops’s little ginger son) haha it was madness. Hispanics go hard in soccer, its great. then afterwards we were able to share a thought with all of them. sister tapia just looked at me and said “its all you girl…” haha oh geez, it was probably awful…but im so grateful that she is making me stretch myself. Ive been working on my confidence with the she’s helping me a lot.
award for most awkward picture on the planet. (osvaldo is the one with the insane beard)

award for most awkward picture on the planet. (osvaldo is the one with the insane beard)

couple other miracles of the week: So this week Alfonso Villagomez called sister tapia and I and told us that he wanted to talk at church this that he could thank the ward and say a few words to his wife over the pulpit. So sunday rolled around and he went up (with sister tapia translating into english) and just thanked the ward for all their help and support with the funeral of his son. it was so precious. and it was such a miracle and blessing, a TON of his family came to hear him speak! so sister tapia and I had a full house for our little sunday school class in was so great.
Another little miracle: Met this girl named Yesenia..she’s 19, just got married. and her family abandoned her when she was little…she went to a foster care place growing up where they offered two churches..LDS church and the baptist church. she told us that she switched back and forth but really enjoyed the LDS church. she was like ” i love all your songs! that child of god one..and the one about Kolab or something…?” sister tapia and i looked at each other like what on earth…is this real life…hahaha she is so solid. We invited her to watch a few mormon messages, and called her later in the week to check in and see how they went..she told us that she loved them and had a really ‘different’ feeling while we watched them….were meeting with her this week and she’s teaching us how to make seviche and then we’re going to hopefully start the lessons with her. ahh, we’re so excited.
Here in the Idaho pocatello mission we have a standard of excellence…the standard of excellence for baptisms is 2 a month. We had a fast as an entire mission to reach the standard of excellence in the month of may. so we know that all these little miracles are the Lord’s hand in helping us achieve the standard of excellence. I know that the Lord has 2 people prepared for us this coming month…what a privilege it is to see these people being put into our is true.
LASTLY- star valley temple ground breaking…so cool. so beautiful. so many mormons.
star valley temple ground breaking with the golden shovels

star valley temple ground breaking with the golden shovels 

love you all so much. thank you…i am so grateful for this privilege to be a missionary.
con amor,
hermana brown

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