holy golden referrals

This week has been full of miracles…and i feel like I say that every week..haha i honestly dont feel like we deserve all the goodness that is happening here. its truly amazing to see the Lord working here in Grace..


classic Idaho sighting


This was THE week…the week where the blessings from our mission fast came forth. oh man, it was a good one.
so we’ve been stressin to find those that the Lord has prepared to be baptized in the month of May. And we’ve been praying hard…and our prayers were most definitely answered. Monday we got a call from one of our ward mission leaders saying that we needed to contact this young man named Raymond, asap…because he wants to take the discussions and would like to be baptized in mid may if possible. hahahaha if possible..oh my goodness. we called Raymond later that night and set a baptism date with him for May 23rd. Later in the week we taught him the first lesson…the spirit was so strong. And then he came to church this week! it was testimony meeting and all the young men in the ward got up and bore their testimonies…so it was perfect.
Then Osvaldo!! oh my goodness…we taught him the restoration in the bishop’s home last tuesday. it was my first time teaching the restoration in espanol like forreals…and i was freaking out, but the spirit was so strong. We asked Osvaldo how he felt after the lesson and he said that he felt very calm and peaceful…Bishop made sure to point out that these feelings were from the holy ghost. We saw osvlado the next day at our sports night and asked if we could set another appointment up to teach him another lesson. He graciously accepted and ASKED US if we could have the lesson at the bishops home because he really liked the way he felt there. a missionary’s dream holy moly… Then we invited him to come to church on sunday, not really knowing how he’d respond. Long story short- osvaldo showed up to church on sunday.. in his soccer sweats and a tshirt. haha Sister Tapia translated for him during sacrament meeting..and then we had our spanish sunday school class. Afterwards he told us that he had this really good feeling…that he couldnt really explain or put into words. He told us that he is definitely gonna be at church again next week….As im typing this im still in awe..when i first met Osvaldo i was terrified of him. haha he has this wild beard and he’s just a super intimidating guy…but there has been such a change in him. sister tapia and i were talking about how blessed we are as missionaries..we have a front row seat to watching the conversion process of God’s children.
also, dont know if ive mentioned yesenia..but we got to go over to her place this week. She made us some bomb seviche and then we taught her the Restoration. She opened up and told us that the first day we knocked on her door, she had actually woken up that morning thinking about God..and how she wanted a better relationship with him. she told us that she doesnt think its any coincidence that we met her that day.
seviche a la casa de yesenia. que ricoooo

seviche a la casa de yesenia. que ricoooo

Thats just a few of the blessings we experienced this week. It truly is incredible to be doing this work…the members here, the investigators, Sister Tapia, everything about this area is amazing. im so blessed to have this privilege to be bringing the light of the restored gospel into so many lives.
I know that these miracles have come through the help of all your prayers and fasting as well…thank you so much. i love you all!!
con amor,
hermana brown

classic idaho excuse



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