otra seis semanas en Gracia con la Argentina

unnamed-29Transfer calls have occurred once again and it seems that little old Grace idaho is just where im meant to be! Im staying here another 6 weeks with hermana tapia…buttttt guess who’s gonna be the senior companion? awww yeah, this girl. hahaha sister tapia thinks its so funny that she’s been out almost a year and she’s gonna be junior companion. i havent been around long enough to know the significance of either callings. but all i know is that i get to boss her around now so it’ll be sweeeet. tengo mucho amor para ella. hah its gonna be an amazing 6 more weeks.

This week was crazy. so good. so many lessons. so much progression with our investigators.
pday last week was so fun. went to bear lake and got a tour of the tabernacle in Paris. had fun taking pictures of all the buildings there that said “paris” on it..haha and had all of the North shore at bear lake to ourselves!unnamed-31
So we got this new investigator. Names Charlie..he’s like 50..has his phD in math..was a professor at utah state or something..i dont even know he’s just this brilliant man. And he came to a ward member asking what he needed to do to be baptized. haha….wow. we had our first lesson with him on friday and it went perfect. he’s so ready. we’re shooting for the first week of june for his baptism! Sister tapia and i were talking after about how crazy it is that someone so wise…who has so much education under his belt…asked to take missionary discussions from two little girls basically…haha but it doesnt even matter. you could have all the worldly knowledge on the planet..but that could never take place of the sacred knowledge that we posses as members of this church..the knowledge of the plan of salvation..and that the gospel of jesus christ has been restored through the prophet joseph smith. i mean phDs are great and all…but the gospel is something that impacts our salvation. It just really opened my eyes to how valuable the knowledge of the gospel is..and how  much we should truly treasure it.
Yesterday at church Angelica Martinez and Osvaldo came! i dont know how much ive told yall about angelica…but she’s amazing. her son actually served a mission in Ecuador..but her and her husband arent members. but they basically are…they have the most solid testimonies..they pay their tithing even. but they have a super hard time feeling comfortable coming to a ward where everyones white…and doesnt speak spanish. haha which is highly understandable. But anyway, we taught our little escuela dominical lesson to them about the Atonement. The spirit was so strong…Sister tapia has been pushing me to contribute an equal part to the lesson. So its scary…but wow, the spirit is so strong. and it gives me so much more confidence in my spanish because its so present.
I read these verses in my personal study the other day…brought me so much comfort. hope it can do the same for some of you. 3 nephi 22:7-8
7 For a small moment have I forsaken thee, but with great mercies will I gather thee.
 8 In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment, but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the Lord thy Redeemer.
I know that often when we experience trials and go through hard stuff…we feel like the Lord and God have abandoned us, but like it says in verse 8…its only for a small moment..The Lord is always there..and he has blessings of everlasting kindness awaiting us. Dont know why i felt impressed to share that. but hope it helps..haha the scriptures are awesome.
love you all! thanks for everything. espero que ustedes tienen una buena semana. les amo.
con amor,
hermana brown
hahaha this is how the hermanas prank the elders. and dont worry about us being disobedient..the mission's vehicle coordinators are the ones that gave us the squirrel...solely for this purpose... #idaho

hahaha this is how the hermanas prank the elders. and dont worry about us being disobedient..the mission’s vehicle coordinators are the ones that gave us the squirrel…solely for this purpose… #idaho


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