que bonita es la obra


hollly wow. this week was like a dream. 2 baptized, 2 confirmed, and they both received the priesthood as well. And that was just the end of our week of miracles…they were so many this week.

ill start from the beginning of the week. Mansfield family. Coral & Bret are less actives with some really bad addictions…theyre deep into drugs..but theyve both recently decided that they want to go to the temple. I heard their name so many times when i first got to the field…but didnt really know their story..and we didnt ever really make the time to go see them often, so i didnt think they needed to be a priority right now…but monday night i felt so impressed that we needed to go see them. Long story short, we went to their house and Coral cried her eyes out to us..saying that they’ve been waiting for someone to come and help them. They want so bad to make their lives right again…but they just need help. the spirit was so strong as we discussed Christ’s atonement and how its never too late to change. we promised them that we would be here to help them. Im so excited to start working with them and see them change….and im so grateful that the spirit led us there that night.unnamed-35
Osvaldooooo….wow, que buena onda..So we have a lesson with him every night at Bishops house. He’s still working on giving up smoking..as well as accepting a baptismal date. He says he wants to make this decision with his family when he goes back to Mexico in december..because he knows that baptism is so sacred. But he’s always so worried about how is family is doing..and so we’ve promised him that being baptized right now will bring blessings to his family. and comfort. Monday night was crazy. Sister Tapia is so powerful…she said to him “osvaldo if you get down on your knees right now and pray to receive confirmation that this is the right thing for you…that this is true, i promise you, as a representative of jesus christ, that you will receive that confirmation.” So he did it..Osvaldo knelt down and prayed and it was the most sincere and powerful prayer ive ever heard. (even though i couldn’t even understand all of it) He closed the prayer and stood up and said that he felt the warmest feeling come over his whole body the second he said “amen.” he was having trouble explaining what happened…haha which made it even more amazing. Because that meant it was no doubt the Holy Ghost. Through the Holy Ghost sister tapia’s promise to him was fulfilled…and through the holy ghost Osvaldo’s prayer was answered. it was amazing. We are planning on recommitting him to a baptism date tonight. please pray that he will take these experiences into account & accept!
Saturday…seriously like a dream. Raymond and Mikel were baptized. we had to move it from the baptistry into the chapel because there was so many people there. the chapel was completely filled…the spirit was so powerful. It was perfect. The next day they were confirmed and ordained. blessingsssssssss. unnamed-34
This work is amazing. emails dont do it justice. Thank you all for the emails and love…The Lord is so aware of all of us..and is so present in each of our lives if we take the time to notice.
con amor, ( y mucho felicidad)
hermana brown

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