were baptizing a genius….nbd.


just the beauty and happiness that comes from servin in good ole grace.

just the happiness that comes from servin in good ole grace.

hola. wassup. como les va. wow, gonna be a quick email. amazing week though.

So im gonna cut straight to the good stuff….Charlie Miller…the one with the phd in math, who’s literally brilliant and 57 years old, is getting baptized on June 20th at 6pm. hahaha wow, me and sister tapia don’t know what we’re doing to receive all of these blessings. But its happening.. We had an awesome lesson with him on saturday and set the date with him then. Brother Panter, his fellowshipper…has known him since he moved here over 10 years ago. bro panter told us that the first day he met him. Charlie told him ” yeah when i moved here all my buddies told me ‘dont let the mormons get ya’..but its okay because im not a joiner. i dont just join things.”…. and now look at him. haha, wow. Shows the power of this gospel. When the spirit testifies to you that this church is true, there’s no denying it. dont matter how smart or wise you are.
Update on osvaldo…he didnt come to church this week because he was in Pocatello, so we were pretty bummed about that…and we didnt feel inspired to set a baptismal date..so we’re hoping this week for sure. He’s so close…the desire is there, he just needs to fit all the pieces together. We did get to go over and make tamales with him and his friends though…so that was pretty bomb. Learn how to make tamales in a trailer in Idaho with some buddies from Mexico. Check.
and then those tamales...wow

and then those tamales…wow

We had the best lesson with Bret & Coral the other day…the spirit was so strong. They were holding hands and crying the whole lesson as we taught about the gospel of jesus christ and kinda made up a game plan of how we’re going to help them quit their addictions. They’re amazing. Sister Tapia and I were talking afterwards…we just feel so honored to be apart of this work here. We’re helping people take part in ordinances that are going to bless them not just in this life…but for eternity. It’s the best work ever. Being a missionary is the best.
This gospel is so true…ive been so blessed to have had this knowledge my whole life. se que mediante el evengelio de jesucristo, todos nosotros podemos encontrar felicidad en la forma mas perfecta. les amo muchisimoooooo.
con amor,
hermana brown
 P.S. from Bailey in an email to me:
tell everyone im sorry i couldnt respond to everyones emails! im getting off in just a minute! we’re in pokey today. and then we’re coming back here again tomorrow for zone conference! last zone conference with president and sister brinkerhoff before we get our new president! weeeeeirdddddd.

Just a scene in beautiful Grace

Just a scene in beautiful Grace



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