prayer is real folks

dont know if i ever mentioned this..but we were teaching a foreign exchange student from Sweden! Ebba...she's the one in the pink jacket. She's so fun. She went home this week so we're hoping to contact the missionaries where she lives in Sweden.

dont know if i ever mentioned this..but we were teaching a foreign exchange student from Sweden! Ebba…she’s the one in the pink jacket. She’s so fun. She went home this week so we’re hoping to contact the missionaries where she lives in Sweden.

This week was the first week of my mission that actually felt kind of long…haha it was a rough one number wise…had lots of appointments cancel.. went to lots of houses and found no one home..all that fun stuff. But i think its the rough weeks that you learn the most. Although we didnt teach many lessons this week…the lessons that we DID have were so effective and edifying.
We had our second to last lesson with Charlie this week! he’s seriously the investigator that everyone dreams to have..haha its crazy. After we had the lesson, his wife pulled sister tapia aside. She was a very less active until her husband began investigating the its been awesome to see her testimony grow as well. She pulled us aside and gave us hugs and told us that she believes that we are the perfect missionaries to be teaching Charlie.. She just thanked us over and over and told us how much she’s going to miss having us in her home for our weekly lessons. It was just amazing to hear her say that..for some brilliant 57 year old man..she believes we were the perfect missionaries to teach him. I still feel so inadequate teaching someone like him…but it strengthened my testimony that this work truly is so inspired. The Lord places us where we need to be, at a certain time, so that we can meet specific people. its amazing.

this river is our new favorite place in the world

Later in the week I had kinda a debbie downer day…we went to a couple spanish appointments and I just went home feeling really discouraged…kinda self-critical…Just felt like I should be better at my spanish by now…it was rough. I prayed so hard that night that I could just be blessed with that faith in the Lord’s aid…and the diligence to do my part. The next day (sunday) we were in one of the wards, and this old lady visiting from Peru got up and bore her testimony. She spoke in extremely broken english, but bore the most powerful testimony of the gospel in her life. It was so cute. And as she stood up there I just was overwhelmed with this feeling of so much love and respect for her that she was just up their trying. I went up to her afterwards and thanked her for what she did and told her how much it meant to me. It was crazy because she lives in Connecticut..and she was just in town for the weekend visiting her daughter and son in law (who’s from Grace)..I saw that lil cute old lady from Peru as an answer to my prayer…the Lord wanted me to see how the Spirit truly is its on language. Doesn’t matter how good you are with the language…the spirit testifies of truth. And carries a feeling of love to the listener….
Heavenly Father hears and answers your prayers my friends..thats all i gotta say.
All week long I was reminded of something President Westover told me during one of my interviews before I left…He was just talking to me about how “succuss” can be defined when you’re on the mission. Said that there could be days where you teach no lessons…have doors slammed in your face…and all your plans fall through…but if you can go to bed and truthfully tell yourself that you did everything you could that day…you worked hard & did your part, then that was a successful day. It gives me so much comfort to know how understanding the Lord is…and that goes for everyone, not just us missionaries.
thanks for all the love and support. les amo muchisimo.
con amor,
hermana brown

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