finalmente…una fecha bautismal para Osvaldo (crying face emoji)

sweeeet & gorgeous hike last pday

sweeeet & gorgeous hike last pday

Yes its true. We set a baptismal date for Osvaldo for July 27th!!!! ah, blessings of being a missionary. Tuesday night we had an amazing lesson with him at Bishops house. At the end of the lesson Bishop gave him a blessing to receive the strength to overcome his smoking addiction..and also to give him comfort about his family back in mexico. The spirit was so strong during that blessing….right after he closed the blessing, Osvlado just sat there with his face in his hands, like speechless…we kinda all just sat in silence for a while soaking up the Spirit that was sooooo present. it was amazing. then on saturday we stopped by his place to check up on him & sister Tapia felt prompted that that was when we needed to set a baptism date for him. osvaldo told us that if God told him that that was the date he needed to be baptized on, he’d do it “con mucho gusto”…Please please please pray that he will keep this date…We know that as he takes this huge step of faith both he & his cute lil family back in mexico will be blessed!

the designated vaccinators for cow branding

the designated vaccinators for cow branding

THEN MANUEL. ah, we met this man Manuel, a few weeks back..we were driving and we passed by this house & i just had the thought “….a hispanic lives in that house.” and sure enough, we were right 🙂 this man named Manuel lives there & he told us that day we met him that he loves just chatting about religion and god. perfect match for the missionaries. hahaha so we FINALLY caught him at home again last night and were able to teach him the restoration. I was praying throughout the whole lesson that he would feel the Spirit as strongly as i did…The spirit is always PRIME right after we read Joseph’s description of the first vision, so after that i immediately asked him how he was feeling about our message..He went on to tell us how peaceful and calm he felt. He said he had a really “different’ feeling. And then he told us that “it had been awhile since he’d heard something like this…” But thats the crazy part! he told us that he had never met missionaries before us…never heard of the book of mormon…never heard of joseph smith…. But after we taught him the restoration he told us “yeah i really like this..Its been awhile since ive heard this.” Hermana Tapia and I were talking about it afterwards…and it reminded me of a quote in Preach My Gospel.  President Boyd K. Packer said, “It is important for a … missionary … to know that the Holy Ghost can work through the Light of Christ. A teacher of gospel truths is not planting something foreign or even new into an adult or a child. Rather, the missionary or teacher is making contact with the Spirit of Christ already there. The gospel will have a familiar ‘ring’ to them” 

Wow, I now have the strongest testimony of that. Here is a man that told us he knew nothing about our church…but after we taught the restoration, it rang familiar and true to him. The Holy Ghost truly is the teacher in this work…i know that in the premortal life we were all taught this plan and this gospel…and thats why its brings a peaceful and familiar feeling to those who hear about it.

This work is the best work. The church is so true. Thank you for all the love and prayers! Transfer calls come on thursday….so say an extra prayer for me..haha. LES AMO.
con amor,
hermana brown

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