charlie es un miembro.. :)


The genius is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Good week. Even though there were some hard times too…

Charlie’s baptism was perfect! Everything went great…he was so happy (even though you wouldn’t guess from his face in the picture…haha)  At the end of the baptism Bishop got up to say a few words. He instructed Charlie to get mine and Sister Tapia’s home addresses ASAP so that when he and his wife are sealed in the temple a year from now, we can be notified so that we can attend….Right after the baptism Charlie came up to us and did just that. I was overwhelmed with theeee most pure sense of joy in that moment. Its happened at every baptism ive had so far and it happened again then. just the powerful thought “this is what the mission is all about.” This is why i came out on a mission. To assist in the work to bring Heavenly Father’s children back to him….ahhh, its the best calling there is. And it truly does bring the happiest joy.
We had our weekly lesson with Osvaldo this week and we unfortunately had to drop his baptism date…It’s hard when you get so excited about someone and something..and then it kinda just slips away super soon after. But we know that the Lord has a plan for Osvaldo…He just told us that he really wants to wait to make this decision when the timing is right..he said he wants to do it with his family…and that even if he were to get baptized, when he goes back to mexico, the closest chapel is like 2 hours away….Geez was it hard to hear that. ha…but we aren’t gonna give up on him. He’s had so many spiritual experiences..he’s received so many answers to his prayers…He just needs to understand the immediate blessings that can come from baptism..and following the example of Jesus Christ. Its a blessing to have the knowledge that in the Lord’s timing, all will be well. unnamed-20
OKAY BUT ON A MUCH BETTER NOTE, i swear, Grace is a place of miracles. We just got a call from a member here…his son is serving in Tampa, Florida. He told us that he just got an email from his son saying that one of their investigators over there just moved….to Grace Idaho….and he wants us sister to go over and meet her and continue teaching her. Like what on earth….who moves from Tampa Florida to Grace Idaho? haha i swear, you dont understand what tender mercies are until you are a missionary. We don’t know anything else about her…dont know how interested she is…or solid….but still. crazy stuff. We’re gonna go track her down tonight & ill report back next week!
other random stuff- the fiesta was like heaven. SO MANY HISPANICS. we literally went table to table teaching was like the bride and groom visiting with their guests at their wedding reception….but missionary style because instead of chatting about random stuff we were teaching the gospel….it was amazing.
And yes the sad news, Sister Tapia is being transferred to good oleeee REXBURG. she will be serving on campus!!!!! hahaha so stinkin weird…i was just a student there like 6 months ago. so all my rexburg fam, TAKE CARE OF HER. I will be serving with Hermana Disner beginning on wednesday!
Its bitter sweet….but im trying to always focus on the good and positive.  We had a baptism this week…and we’ve seen so many other tender mercies. The Lord’s hand is so apparent in our lives each and every day. We just gotta be humble enough to notice it.
Love you all, thank you for all the love & prayers.
con amor,
hermana brown

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