hola hola holaaa

hermana disner and i! ( pretty sure my head is increasing in size, but its all good)

hermana disner and i! ( pretty sure my head is increasing in size, but its all good)

crazy week. I hate transfers…and i havent even gotten transferred before. hahaha BUT all is well. It was hard saying bye to hermana Tapia, but i loooove hermana Disner! now its two californians takin on Grace Idaho.


sister tapia and the famous osvaldo

So this week was a lot of settling in and showing Sis Disner around and having her meet everyone, so it was an abnormal week, but it was a vedy vedy goood one. The members here tease me and say that since i was “born” into the mission here in Grace, im going to die here like every other person that lives in Grace…hahaha youre born here and you die here. Gotta love it.
We get an all day Pday on the 4th of July, so today we only get a couple hours of free time and then the rest of the day is for proselyting. so i gotta make this quick.


mine and sis tapia’s last pday together consisted of her converting me to being argentine. We made empanadas and they were amazing

highlight of the week- We found a trailer with 5 hispanic men living in it. hahaha jackpot. Fernanado, Isidro, Martin, Jesus, and Victor. they are all SO nice and sweet. most of them all have wives and kids living back in mexico, so theyre all so humble and kind. Fernando is the most golden. He said that he lived for a little while in Salt Lake, and that he learned a lot about the church there and he really likes it..then he just went on to tell sister disner and I how appreciative he is of this work that were doing and how happy he is that he met us. It was so stinking cute and sweet. We are going to have a lesson with all of them later this week! IM SO EXCITED. And they said they all really want to learn english, so we’re thinking of starting an english class for all the hispanics here! it’ll be sweeeeeet.

mi amor, Alfredo

Im falling in love with the hispanics. Im so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be serving a mission…and that the Lord has called me spanish speaking. I have a limited vocabulary..and I embarrass myself a lot with all of my errors..haha but i’ve come to realize that the message of the restored gospel is too valuable to hold back just because of a language barrier.¬† This work is so inspired, which reassures me that even the mistakes that i make happen for a reason. I know its the same for each and every one of us. The Lord has a plan for each of us, we just have to trust and follow.
Also quick update on Wendy – she’s the investigator from the missionaries in Florida! We met her and she’s so solid…we are hoping to see and teach her this weekend! so more news on that to come.
Love you all, sorry for the short and crazy email. Gracias por todo. les amo muchisimo.
con amor,
hermana brown

attempts of pics with Rocio y sus hijos locos


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