small town 4th of july beats yoch town 4th of jul

ahhh thank you all for the A’s game fireworks pics/videos.. lovelovelovelove. But 4th of July- Idaho style- is pretty great too..

So it was a slow week…lots of people out of town…and the summertime is just crazy busy for all the farm workers…(aka all of our hispanic investigators) soooo it was a lil bit of a struggle. but it was worth it in the end, because the weekend was so good.
Our new mission president and his wife arrived this week! they’re awesome. President & sister hancock, from Winslow Arizona! im excited to see the results of their service in this mission.


i threw candy and then the other missionaries passed out cards and we gave out over 50 books of mormon! it was saweeeeeet

So last night was the highlight of my week. We had an appointment set up with Isidro, Fernando, martin, and jesus, so all day i was looking forward to that. They are seriously the nicest men in the world. So we went and unfortunately only Fernando & Isidro were there, but it was still so good. We taught the restoration and they loved it. i went home that night with such a grateful heart..not only for the opportunity to teach and meet them, but for Heavenly Father & the Holy Ghost helping me with the language. I think that was the first lesson in spanish where i felt completely comfortable…most definitely not saying that i spoke perfectly…hahaha but i felt so reliant on the Spirit, and i saw how it paid off. I know the Spirit was helping me testify, and touch the hearts of those men. I think the difference in that lesson was that i felt like I, too,  was learning from everything that we were teaching. As we taught about the restoration of the church of jesus christ through the prophet joseph smith, I felt my testimony growing stronger. i felt the urgency and importance of our message grow stronger within me as i spoke…I looked into those precious hispanic mens eyes and saw God’s love for them. It was amazing to see that with that point of view, the language just came…missionary work truly is the best, my friends.

Soda Springs town parade

this church is so true. theres such an urgency to share it…I wish i had been better at doing that back at home…I know that through the gospel of jesus christ we can truly find eternal happiness…we can find peace in knowing what happens after this life..and we can treasure the fact that we are loved by our Heavenly Father, and that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can rest from all of our pains and sorrows. I wouldnt be out here in Idaho for a year and a half of my life if that wasnt true.
Love you all. hope you had a great 4th!
BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY MAMA. the one and only Shelley Brown. say happy birthday to her on July 8th. Im so lucky and proud to call her my mom. And am forever grateful for the light and blessing that she is to me, and everyone else she comes in contact with. She truly is a disciple of jesus christ at all times, in all things, and in all places.
Love you all! – attaching more pics from the 4th. goPro style.
hermana brown

i almost started crying during the parade…hahaha there was just so many members cheering so loud when we went by….”we love you missionaries!!!” it was sooooo cuteeeee. i loved it!



Parade in Soda Springs


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