im in love with our english class.



So this week felt decades long….but its all good…because the longer the week, the more tender mercies you get to find.. 🙂 and we definitely saw them here.

Monday night we had a lesson with Osvaldo at bishops house. I prayed so hard that the lesson would touch his heart and give him a desire to start coming to church again. We taught about temples and eternal families. Figured it would be powerful towards him because he misses his family so much back in Mexico. & sure enough, it truly was such a powerful lesson. He loved it & asked sooo many questions. At the end of the lesson i totally just lost it…hahaha which was actually pretty cool. I balled my eyes out, WHILE CONTINUING TO SPEAK SPANISH. accomplishment. the gift of tongues is real. cant remember what i said. But the spirit was so strong. We just told him that this is the reason we come on missions…simply because we want everyone to have the privilege of being with their families forever. Unfortunately Osvaldo went out of town this weekend, so wasnt able to come to church…but next week for sure. please keep him in your prayers.

 struggles of preachin in idaho

struggles of preachin in idaho

okay, highlight of the week. and far beyond. We did our first english class on Saturday night, and it was THE BEST. oh my goodness. we had 12 people at our first class, which was SO great. we taught super simple stuff, like “hello my name is..” ” i am from…” and they were so precious. They know barely anything…so they were so appreciative, one of the girls even said “can we have this everyday??” ah. love them so much. im so excited to keep doing it. We shared a message at the end (in spanish), and i was thinking about it after how much this is going to help ME too. Because all the hispanics here are in the same boat as me..theyre trying so hard to learn another language! so it makes me feel an even greater connection to them….theyre so understanding and so sweet because they know how hard it is. its perfect.



Last night we had another lesson with Isidro & Fernando. They’re so cute. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and then afterwards they treated us to some pan dulce. que rico. Since they are away from their families too, they loved learning that through God’s plan, we can be with our families forever.
Im so grateful for all these experiences and all these people that im meeting…both members and nonmembers. The church is true…and the work is hastening…we all gotta do our part to assist in it.
gracias por las oraciones y apollo. les amo muchisimo.
con amor,
hermana brown

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