taco truck


carne asada taco sent from above

carne asada taco sent from above

good news everybody, Grace Idaho…..now has a taco truck. Its run by this hispanic family, la familia Plancarte, and its SO GOOD. man, i missed carne asada… we got a tacos the other day & i felt so at home.

So this week….was another long one. BUT wow, Yesterday made it all so worth it. One of the best Sundays on the mish so far.
We’ve been praying so hard for new people to teach…those that we’ve been teaching forever really just arent progressing…so we’ve been asking Heavenly Father to put new people to teach into our paths. I’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again…prayer is real folks. We had a dinner appointment set up on wednesdaywith this member and when we called to confirm the dinner appointment she nonchalantly tells us “oh and my granddaughter is here with me…she’s living with me for the summer and she’s not a member…” Long story short, we are now teaching her 13 year old granddaughter, Bethany. She’s sooooo cute. and so genuinely interested in the gospel. her grandma reads with her in the book of mormon every night, and she goes to church with her every week that she’s here. we taught her last night and have 2 other lessons with her this week! we’re so excited.
Okay- now for the many miracles of Sunday. So we had another amazing lesson with Osvaldo on tuesday night…committed him to coming to church, cause he hasnt been in like…a long time. So sunday morning roles around and we text him, call him….no response. So we’re sitting at church, singing the opening song, and in strolls Osvaldo…PURE HAPPINESS. literally almost bursted into tears right when i saw him. I have so much love for that man its crazy. It was a missionary homecoming so the talks were awesome, and the spirit was so strong. The closing song was “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go” (as a missionary, you will find that its not possible to sing that song without crying your eyes out) BUT NOT ONLY THAT, but we gave osvaldo the spanish hymn book so he could follow along as we sang. it was so precious…he was so diligently reading the words as we sang…which made me cry even harder because I was just thinking how perfectly that song could apply to him..”ill be what you want me to be…” We’re continuously praying that he receives that confirmation about baptism. He’s gonna make one heck of a member one day.unnamed-5
Then that night we had a lesson set up with Isidro & Fernando. so we go…and only Fernando is there…and he tells us that all 5 of the other guys went to Bear Lake for the day. So we’re devastated…and then 2 minutes later, we hear a car pulling up outside, and in comes Isidro, Israel, Victor, Jesus, & Martin. once again, almost burst into tears at the sight. (ive become an emotional mess) anyways, The plan all along was that we were going to watch the restoration video with Isidro & Fernando. But ALL OF THEM, ended up staying for the lesson. So we watched the restoration with all 6 of them and it was perfect. As of now, Isidro seems the most interested..you can just see it in his eyes. It’s pretty incredible.
I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything. Im so thankful for the opportunity to be serving…Doesn’t matter where you’re serving…or in what language. You serve the mission that God needs you to serve, and you meet the people that God needs you to meet.  The hispanic people here are so humble..all they want is the best for their families back in mexico. I know and have seen that the gospel truly is that one thing that can bring them and their families that eternal peace & happiness.
Thanks always for the love, prayers and support.
con amor,
hermana brown

fernando with his pet chicken that tries to attack us every time we come over

fernando with his pet chicken that tries to attack us every time we come over


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