el poder del ayuno

charlie built a potato gun and we got to shoot it the other day.... (says nothing about potato guns in the handbook, so i think were all good)

charlie built a potato gun and we got to shoot it the other day…. (says nothing about potato guns in the handbook, so i think were all good)

so ive come to the conclusion that its just the time of year….hahaha everyone is on vacation…everyone is busy..which means, struggling missionaries. BUT, we’re continuing to see the blessings that come from obedience and diligence… and its pretty amazing.

So theres this old lady moving to texas…and she needed help moving out. and she’s a hoarder.. but not just any hoarder. She had like a past career in making porcelain dolls? so her house is drowned in craft supplies…like there was babydoll heads and arms and every body part imaginable like everywhere. just chillin on the shelves and what not…and then she had all of these doll magazines from like 1962 with creepy dolls all over them…IT WAS TERRIFYING. literally something straight out of a horror film. i wish i wouldve taken pictures, but then again, i’d rather not remember that forever. Not even mentioning all the mouse poop and DEAD BIRDS. not even exaggerating. the whole time i was just reassuring myself with the thought “its okay…everythings gonna be alright, this will make a great story to tell my future children one day…” Hahaha but yeah, that was one for the books for sure.
So this past sunday we fasted as a zone to set baptism dates. We prayed together for those specific individuals who could be ready for baptism in the future and one of our people that we were specifically fasting for in our area is this 17 year old boy, Josh. He was taught last year by the missionaries but his parents wouldnt give him permission to take the lessons or go to church or anything. But prayer and fasting is real, and earlier in the week we were notified that his parents randomly gave him permission…so last night after our long day of fasting, we called him up and set a date with him to be baptized on August 15th!!! ah, it was such an answer to a prayer. we are so excited for him..and he himself cannot wait… blessings.unnamed-8
Im tellin ya, sundays are always the best. another perk of the week, osvaldo was at church AGAIN. he even told us that the night before he was thinking about how he really didnt feel like coming to church…but then he woke upsunday morning and just knew he needed to come. its so evident how slowly but surely the spirit is working on him. i know its because of all the prayers!!
Also yesterday Charlie Miller received the Aaronic Priesthood. After his ordination he was wiping tears from his eyes and it was the most precious thing ever…..im continuously amazed by his humble heart and his desires to be what his Heavenly Father wants him to be. were so blesssed as missionaries to have this front row seat to so many amazing things.
This upcoming week is the event of da yearrrrr. fair week. Its a big deal. And were gonna take advantage of it! probably gonna be there everyday during our lunch break to contact and find new people 🙂 the wards are in charge of the food booths and informed us that we as missionaries get all food free. Please pray for me that i wont gain 25 pounds this week.
This work is such a blessing in my life. Its crazy how much I learn as we teach… i know that i need these spiritual experiences just as much as our investigators… I cant imagine living without the happiness that this gospel brings. everyone should share it…we’re pretty dang blessed.
Love you all! thanks always for everything.
hermana brown

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