carne asada

unnamed-1so it happened. i finally got the meal ive been waiting my whole mission for. So plans fell through and we didnt get to go to the hispanic festival in Rexburg ( we werent very happy…) but tender mercies soon followed… we randomly stopped in at this families house..the Partidas and it just so happens that they were cooking for a family dinner..SO we offered to help..long story short. we helped make seviche, and a complete mexican beautiful meal. and they invited us to stay for the little family get together. The food was heaven. Enough to make up for the pain of missing the hispanic festival. so yeah, happy day.unnamed

So i take back my excitement about the county fair….fairs in small towns=no one home which equals, struggling missionary work…and you’d think, well why dont you just go to the fair and proselyte there? well it was kinda hard when everyone at the fair goes to the rodeos…and the truck pulls..and the hypnotist shows..and all the things that the missionaries cant go to….haha man, but its alright, it was so cute to see a county fair in such a tiny town.
I got to go on exchanges this week with the lovely sister sheppard (from england) and we had some really cool experiences together. We met and talked to these two guys..Justin, who has been in and out of jail for drug possession for the past year..and his friend jeremy, who had a whole past of prison, but has been out for several years now. Jeremy was a less active. and justin wasnt a member. while they were chillin on their porch chewin & smokin, we took the opportunity to share a message about the atonement of jesus christ. Afterwards Jeremy spoke up and talked about how he really acutally missed the “positivity” and “happy people” at church. I got emotional as i testified that its never too late to make those changes in bring back that positivity and that happiness..and that ability to have that spirit with you constantly. since i was on exchanges, i will probably never see that guy again, but i was grateful for the experience and what ive learned from it. Our Heavenly Father doesnt see those guys for how many times theyve been in jail…or how many word of wisdom issues they have. He sees them as his sons…and we as brothers and sisters should see them as that too. Im sooooooooo grateful to have these opportunities as a missionary to learn to never see people for their potential, and to see them as God sees them. i feel pretty dang lucky.

precious lil ariana villagomez & tu perrito

precious lil ariana villagomez & tu perrito

Another one of my lil highlights of the week…we had another lesson with Isidro last night! fernando was in Logan visiting some family unfortunately..but it was actually kinda better to have fernando alone. he spoke up more and expressed his feelings more. Anyway, sister disner and i went into that lesson with the goal of getting him to say a pray with us! we had a district meeting about the power of our investigators we knew we wanted to make it happen. And it did! when we first asked he told us he didnt want to because he’s “not good at saying prayers” but after a good pump up and lots of reassurance and promised blessings, isidro said the closing prayer. and it was the most precious thing ive ever heard…hearing him give thanks for “las hermanas” and ask for protection on his family back in mexico….The spirit was so strong. We really feel that Isidro is progressing, and its such a blessing to us. he’s awesome.
cant put a price on this stuff, thats for sure. Im thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and for the light I see in others as they hear about it. It truly is a treasure, a gift, and a blessing.
took quite a few pics this week, so enjoy. love you all muchisisisismo.
hermana brown

no caption necessary

no caption necessary

the soccer night crew

the soccer night crew


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