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Sister Vargas and me helping at the Hispanic Festival

Sister Vargas and me helping at the Hispanic Festival

so over the past 4 days i have come to witness that if theres any part of Idaho that is somewhat ghetto, its Pocatello. hahaha its great.

So i left Grace on wednesday morning and it was pretty dang hard. But the perks of serving stateside, i know i’ll see all of those people again when im off my mission. ah, i’ll sure miss it there though. But so far, i am lovin Pocatello. We cover 2 wards in english, and then we split all of the Pocatello/Chubbuck spanish work with the other spanish elders. And the 2 wards we cover in pocatello, are in the two sketchiest areas of pocatello. its awesome. we went to this apartment complex to contact a referral, and sister vargas goes, “by the way, this place is full of drug addicts. last time we were here, we were offered cocaine.” hahaha it made me so happy. its like a lil bit of antioch is here with me.
Also, i came to this area at the perfect time, our branch here put on a hispanic festival for all the hispanics in the region! it was on saturday and it was the funnest thing. The turn out was awesome, the food was bomb, there was dancers, and we played soccer for hours.(since the mission i have re-discovered my love for soccer) and its 10xs better playing with hispanics. ill attach pics.unnamed-6
 Other exciting news- i really have no idea why or how, but the hispanics here keep asking me if im hispanic. This girl went on and on about how i look like her friend from Chile. and then this man that i was talking to didnt believe me when i told him that both my parents and grandparents and everyone beyond that are white. haha i was so flattered. They’re already stealing my heart. ❤
So the sisters here found this kid like right before i got here, and his name is chase. he’s 17 and he’s so amazing! He has huge gages, septum piercing, tattoos all over, but he has the most sincere desire to learn about the gospel. we sat on his porch last night and just had this deep talk. He asked about the differences of our church and every other church, and we just talked…Its crazy how much being on a mission has increased my confidence about sharing the gospel. Looking someone in the eyes and testifying that this is the true church, the church of jesus christ. and that it will change their life and bring them so much happiness. ahh, i would’ve never had the strength or guts to do any of this back at home. The setting apart of missionary work is so real. The spirit is so strong everywhere. It gives us courage everyday so that we can have the confidence to do this work.
I still havent met a lot of people yet cause we’re kinda still gettin me settled in. But i know that the Lord has sent me here for specific reasons and people…not only to help them, but for them to help me. I love this work and im so grateful for this time as a missionary! love you all.
con amor,
hermana brown
oh and i love hermana vargas

arm wrestling alfonso villagomez- i won

arm wrestling alfonso villagomez- i won


johnson fam


 pics from the caves by bear lake

pics from the caves by bear lake


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