hey world


benny (trinidad's son) had this sweet transformer mask

benny (trinidad’s son) had this sweet transformer mask

first thing learned this week- dont take laxatives.

second thing i learned this week- pocatello has some weird people.
So the work here in Poky is slow…the sisters had about 6 solid investigators when i transferred here, and within the time that ive been here, 4 of them have moved away. apparently im terrifying or something. So were really working on finding new people to teach. Its hard because we cover a huge area for spanish work, but its actually the english sister’s area, so we cant tract in it…the way it works is that if they ever tract into spanish speakers, they refer them to us. ITS FRUSTRATING. ah, all i want to do is spanish work.  yeah i want to practice my spanish, but more so because i just love the people. Im workin on being patient though. Great thing about the mission life is that you know that truly everything about this work is inspired, so i know it’ll all work out.

posole for dinna (good stuff)

posole for dinna (good stuff)

So theres this super sketch area called Fort Hall, and its an indian reservation. Haha its legit. As missionaries we cant be there after dark, and if we wanna go there at all, we have to have a set appointment, and we have to have a member with us. Its like baby Oakland, native american style. Mixed with some random hispanics. who knows why hispanics are there…mustve gotten lost or somethin. anyway, so we went last night (for my first time) and had a lesson with this lady Trinidad. She’s this sassy hispanic woman. we had a really good lesson about the plan of salvation. She miscarried her first child and has a lot of questions about whats going to happen…and if she’ll be able to raise her when she joins her in heaven. I think she really was comforted by what we shared with her. We have a return appointment for wednesday! apparently she doesnt think i look hispanic though, we asked if she wanted to say the closing prayer and she goes, “no, la guera.” and points at me. bahahaha. i never knew there was so many different ways to say “white girl” in spanish.
I miss Grace a lot, and the people there. But im constantly reminding myself of God’s plan for each of us. This work is too important to get discouraged about. Im so thankful for each of you and your examples to me…for supporting me and helping me. there’s nothing i’d rather be doing than leading others to the true gospel of jesus christ- the only thing that can bring pure and everlasting happiness.
love you all! tengan una buena semana.
hermana brown
only in Idaho

only in Idaho



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