Pokey is growin on me!


Me and Hermana Vargas with our Spanish Elders

Pokey is growin on me. I can tell this is going to be the area where i have the craziest stories.

So we had both zone conference and a “mission tour conference” this past week. zone conference happens every other transfer, but the mission tour thing was a special thing. We had one of the 70, Elder Martino, come to our mission and give a conference/devotional thing to all the missionaries. Dang, that man can preach. The conference was so good. A few months ago Elder Martino emailed president hancock and instructed all of us missionaries to prepare a 3 minute talk on charity. Come the day of the conference, he was going to pick 2 missionaries to come up and share their talk with everyone. So were sittin there yesterday, Elder Martino is on the stand, and i just see him point to me and whisper to President hancock. So i knew i was doomed. haha sure enough he calls on me and an elder. I kinda felt like i was gonna pass out, not gonna lie, haha but i think it turned out pretty good. I was grateful for it in the end. Charity is something I’ve really been working on since ive been out in the field…just loving everyone. Seeing each individual as our Heavenly Father sees them. So it was a good learning experience to prepare and give that talk.
After Zone conference last week, hermana vargas and I kicked ourselves in the rear and set some goals for our companionship and the area…we knew we needed to change some things to get the work flowin. So we did! and we saw the blessings shortly after. On sunday we got word from some of the branch members that this new lil family just moved in. The Albino family. the man is less-active who has just recently decided that he wants to come back to church. So the bishop went up to him on sunday and asked for him and his wifes records, they get the mans records, ask for the wifes too…AND THE PLOT TWIST….turns out the wife is not a member. AND ANOTHER PLOT TWIST, turns out they arent actually married. SO, we talked to her; Maria, and asked her if she’d be interested in the lessons, and it sounds like she’s definitely interested in learning more. Since ive been out its been my DREAM, to have a wedding/baptism. So thats what we’re praying for!! please keep Maria in your prayers that she will be receptive to the gospel and that her (soon to be husband) will continue to re-strengthen his testimony so that they can be married, and one day sealed together for time and all eternity.
Now for the crazy part of the story, so Maria and her husband and their baby moved into this sketch trailer park. So the past couple days we’ve been helping them clean up their house because it was THRASHED. and….we discovered the reasoning is that the owners before them, were crackheads. like forreal. we found needles and syringes buried in the backyard. and a whole bunch of other sketch stuff. hahaha it was insane. don’t worry momma, im alive and well. and dont hate me for the pictures i attached… us missionaries gotta live a little.
Im grateful for the growth ive seen in myself since i came out on the mission. I truly have found pure joy in meeting a stranger, shaking their hand and just proclaiming the gospel of jesus christ. It was scary at first, and it still sometimes is, but then i remind myself how the blessings and importance of this gospel overpowers every little fear we have. This gospel is too good and too true not to share. love you all!
have a great week!!!
hermana brownunnamed-20

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