findin fams

maria and cutie little deangelo

maria and cutie little deangelo

This week was craaaaazy busy. So it flew by in a big blur. But theres definitely some highlights to share.

So this area was kinda dead when Hermana Vargas and I got here, so over the past few weeks we’ve really been working on finding new people. But for us idaho missionaries, tracting isnt really the most effective method to make that happen. so we work off of referrals. I LOVE REFERRALS. its like christmas. gettin a name and an address, tracking them down and meetin them. its my favorite. So this week we received 2 referrals from other missionaries and they are both so solid. La familia Hernandez is one of them. We went and met the mom and her 4 kids. They were so sweet and so open to our message. We are hopefully going to have a lesson with them tomorrow. And then the other one was Mario and his family. He’s this young dad, from mexico, has 3 cute little kids. And the same thing! he was just so open and humble towards our message. So i’ve just been thinking about how much of a blessing that is..not only to find new people to teach, but to find families. The gospel of jesus christ, this church, is so focused on families. It makes it so much easier as a missionary to teach with sincerity and love when you’re teaching a family…you see the parents and the adorable little kids, and you cant help it but just picture them all in white. Standing in front of the baptismal font..and then standing in front of the temple. Its all you want for them. To be able to experience the happiness that you experience because of this gospel. So yeah, we’re hopin for the best for those families!

zone playing mini golf last pday

zone mini golf last pday

Then yesterday was one of those spiritually draining days. Holy moly, sundays are insane. Put fasting and testimony meeting on top of that and its just purely exhausting. Hermana Vargas and I bore our testimonies in the branch and we were the biggest cry babies. When i got up to the pulpit and looked out at that precious little branch, i was filled with such love for each and every one of them. Its a small branch, but those members are so strong. NOT TO MENTION THE GLORIOUS FACT- that Maria came! Maria Lopez and her little son came to church and stayed all 3 hours! Her husband had to work last minute, so she made the effort to get herself a ride and everything…she is so precious. We love her so much and cant wait to keep teaching her. ill attach a pic we took with them after church.
Probably sound like a broken record, but im so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. Meeting all these people is such a privilege and an honor…The Lord truly is hastening His work. Sharing the gospel is scary sometimes, but it truly is so simple. if you have the desire to know the truth, ask God. Its promised that He will reveal that truth to you. Im feel so blessed to have that knowledge..
love you all and thanks so much for all the emails and love. sorry if i didnt get back to everyone this week. Just know i appreciate it so much.
Con amor
hermana brown


idaho mormons are obsessed with gardens. we get sent home with squashes literally all the time. got this child sized one the other day so we passed it off to the elders.



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