los cambios otra vez


hola hola como estan todos?

So its been a wild week. AND I DIDNT WRITE ABOUT THE WEEK BEFORE THAT. dang, i just realized that. i have a lot to tell. but no time…so i’ll tell you everything when i get home one day.

our favorite man. hermano Castro. he's from bolivia

our favorite man. hermano Castro. he’s from bolivia

Transfer news- yeah craziness, another 6 weeks down- I’m staying here in Pocatello! Hermana Vargas is unfortunately getting transferred to Rigby..so on wednesday I’ll get my new compa, hermana Fermoso. She’s from Mexico! So im really excited because she doesn’t really know much english..which means my spanish will blossom and flourish, hopefully. But i’ll miss hermana vargas a lot. I was super nervous about comin to Pokey, but she made it so easy to feel at home here. she’s awesome.
last district pic before transfers

last district pic before transfers

So crazy news about our investigator, Maria . We havent seen her for a week because her husband, marcelino, got stabbed at the state fair….YEAH, A STABBING IN IDAHO. so random. so he’s been in the hospital in IF all week, but he’s fine now! They got home last night, so hopefully we’ll get to see themtonight. but as strange as this seems, we’re actually kind of seeing this incident as a blessing in disguise. Her husband, who was actually baptized when he was a kid, has struggled with drugs for forever…which is complicating his relationship with maria, which is keeping them from getting married..which is keeping maria from getting baptized. So we really feel like this whole incident might kinda open Marcelino’s eyes a little bit. Ive seen on the mission that the Lord most definitely works in mysterious ways. I know He has a plan for this family, as well as each and every one of us.
new favorite food. Chilean empanadas w/ cheese and shrimp. SO GOOD

new favorite food. Chilean empanadas w/ cheese and shrimp. SO GOOD

This week we also had the privilege of taking the Ramirez family to the visitor’s center in Idaho Falls. la familia Ramirez is a family in the branch. Laura and Victor are both converts, they have 2 precious little boys, and they’re working towards the temple. Going to the VC with them was such a spiritual experience. While there we got started about baptisms for the dead and just all the temple ordinances in general. Laura got so emotional as she expressed how grateful she is for the church and the knowledge that she now has that families can be together forever. I think we sometimes take for granted that knowledge that we have as members of the church… Were truly blessed to know that through temples and the priesthood, our families can be together forever.
so prettaaaay

so prettaaaay

I kinda freaked when i found out i’d be taking over the area once Vargas leaves..and ive been super stressed the past few days. Kinda just feelin inadequate..but yesterday at the branch I was overwhelmed with the strongest sense of peace. The hispanics in this branch are truly incredible…so loving, and so welcoming. Im blessed to be serving here where we receive so much support and love. This work is the best!
Hope all is well for each of you. This is the true church of jesus christ, and the only way we can receive full, complete, and everlasting happiness. I’m so lucky to be out here sharin that message.
les quiero mucho.
hermana brown



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