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Welcome to Fort Hall

Welcome to Fort Hall

So a new transfer again, geez, time is a flyin. I love Hermana Fermoso! Trying to take advantage of how blessed i’ve been to have native speaking companions…we’re trying to solo espanol every other day. also i bore my testimony again yesterday in the branch, and had a couple people come up to me afterwards saying that my spanish has improved since i got to the area…so thats reassuring. haha i know im still faaaaaar from perfect with the language..but im just so grateful for the aid and comfort that the Lord has given me as i’ve been learning.


the compa…Hermana Fermoso

This week was a finding week! when i first got to Pokey, the spanish work was dead..they were only teaching 1 family in the spanish work. & now we have a whiteboard completely full of names that we’ve met and are starting to teach. so its a good feeling. And its absolutely crazy how you find these people…or i guess i should say its crazy how the Lord places them in your path.
 The other day for example, we were driving down the street and we pass this house with a little sign that says “Rosales Family” on it, so obviously we stop. any signs of hispanics…we take it. Anyway, knock on the door and this man answers holdin a beer bottle…totally wasted. I dont even think he fully opened his eyes the entire time we talked to him. Anyway, turns out he’s a very very less active…and he doesnt even speak spanish..and he has no interest in the church. sweet. BUT MEANWHILE, while we were talking to him, we see this hispanic lady walkin down the street, she says hola..we say hola.. i ask her where she lives…she points to the house..boom. potential investigator. ya gotta love moments like that…If we never stopped at drunk mr. rosales’ house we would’ve never met that lady…whom we now have met and taught- (he name is Veronica.)

We stopped by Veronica’s house the next day, she let us in, and we ended up staying there for like and hour and a half..just talking to her and learning about her life. Turns out her husband is an inactive member, she’s catholic, she has 2 kids with her here, and two kids from a previous marriage living in Mexico. She cried and told us about how worried she is about her 19 year old daughter in Mexico. she told us that that daughter is pregnant and is really struggling, and she knows its because she doesn’t have God in her life. We testified of the importance of families in God’s plan and how she can receive peace, comfort, and happiness through the gospel of jesus christ. she invited us back, so i’ll keep yall posted on how that goes.


explains Fort Hall…..

Also real quick, i dont know if i’ve mentioned this story before. But we’re teaching this guy in one of our english wards. His name is Andrew, and he seriously is like a modern day Alma the younger. Back in may Andrew and his 3 friends were driving after a party, and they got into a super bad accident. One of the guys died, and the other 3 were sent to the hospital in critical condition. Andrew is 33 and had been completely inactive since he was 14 years old. But after being in a coma for 3 weeks, he woke up and the first thing he thought was that he needed to go back to church. so he did! and the bishop referred us to him..and all of our lessons with him have been amazing. he has the best questions, and repeatedly tells us about how he doesnt just want to go to church..he wants to do it right. he wants to do everything he’s supposed to. and he is..the bishop set a goal with him to have the melchizedek priesthood by the end of the year, and to begin preparing for the temple.
Its an absolute blessing to be apart of these peoples lives. its crazy to think that If i didnt serve a mission i would’ve never crossed paths with any of these amazing individuals. Theres no place else that i’d rather be serving. This is the Lord’s work, and we all have the opportunity to be apart of it. the church is true folks.
les quiero.
hermana brown

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