hey everybody welcome to the mauri showwwww

Blessed because of this

Blessed because of this

So crazy week. good week. missionary life is so strange. haha i love it.

So we had a super good family night with Maria  last monday night. We had it at a members home, so the spirit was extra strong, and at the end Maria basically bore her testimony about how she knows the church is why she’s been so much happier lately. She just talked about the peace she feels when she’s at church, and how she desires to have that with her all the time. She said that she knows this is what she wants for her son, Deangelo. So after that lesson Hermana Fermoso and i knew she was ready to commit to a baptism date. After lots of prayer and studying, a few days later we went over to her house and talked to her about it. I was super nervous going into it because the first time we met maria she was like “yeaaah my boyfriend told me that you missionaries are here just because you want me to get baptized! haha and i told him that he didnt need to worry about that happening!” haaa…but we’ve seen the change in her. We’ve seen her gain a testimony. So at the end of the lesson we invited her to prepare to be baptized on October 30th and she immediately says. “yes of course! but is there some kind of catch??”  We then had to remind her that yessss, you cant be livin with a guy that you arent married to, so you’d need to be married. ANYWAY, long story short. She brings in Marcelino…who we’ve never spoken to before. and she tells him that they need to get married. I legit felt like i was on the Mauri show…hahaha they were sitting across from each other debating back and forth about what they both wanted to do. Basically Maria is totally fine with having a little wedding at the church building. just getting a marriage license and having bishop do the ceremony right before the baptism. but marcelinoooo wants this big shabang and he wants all his family to come, and he feels like October 30th is way to soon for all of that. he wants to run on his own time. So we knelt down in prayer with them and had Marcelino ask Heavenly Father if this was really what he wanted them to do, and the spirit was so strong. We told them we’d give them the next few days to pray and think more about it as a couple. SO YEAH. craziness. We’ve been praying so hard as a companionship that this will all work out…We received such confirmation that October 30th is the date that she needs to be baptized. We can just tell that she’s soooo ready.
 But yeah, i guess it really wasnt that much like the Mauri show…because im pretty sure the spirit doesnt dwell there like it did in that lesson..but i just wanted to have a funny subject line. so there ya go.
Other fun stuff- so we had stake conference this weekend and Elder Cardon from the 70 came and spoke. It was so awesome. He talked about what it was like to be there on the stand, watching President Monson struggle to give his talk at Conference. He said how all the apostles literally were on the edge of their seats with their arms out..ready to run and catch him if they needed to. and he said how everyone in the congregation looked the same. He said that in that moment he had the thought of the Lord saying “now you finally see how I see each of you.” How all of us were physically aching to see the prophet struggle…how all we wanted to do was run to uphold him and sustain him. He talked about how thats how the Lord sees each of his children…He’s always ready to run over to our rescue and uphold us. And then he talked about how thats how we should see all of our brothers and sisters….so yeah, it was powerful. Makes ya think twice about how we see those around us.
Also met this lady from Peru this week! her name is Anita and she wants to come to church with us…so we’re pumped. Please keep her in your prayers!
Thank you all for your love and support…its a privilege to be a part of the Lord’s work. The blessings it brings are amazing.
con amor,
hermana brown

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