eatin like a mexican



hey fam and friends, como estan?

not too much new news here in the hood. It was a slow but edifying week.
I wish i could say that everything is going perfect with Maria and Marcelino, but i gotta keep reminding myself that it’ll all work out in the Lord’s time. We see Maria like everyday, and about everyday she has a breakdown where she just cries to us and tells us how hard all of this is….she knows the church is true. She wants to be baptized. But she’s unsure if marriage is the best choice right now…if it were up to her, she would leave her boyfriend and find her own place and work. (so that she could get baptized and live a happy life) but she doesnt have anywhere to go….she doesnt have any family here..and her only friends are us…and the people that she has met in the branch. Its so hard for her…but she has such an amazing attitude. We’ve started reading the book of mormon with her and its amazing to see how she truly sees how everything can apply to her life. SO yeah, were kinda just takin it day by day.  D&C 100:15 “Therefore, let your hearts be comforted; for all things shall work together for good to them that walk uprightly, and to the sanctification of the church.”

Cool find this week- we got a referral for this family that just moved into our english area! the Kraus fam. The dad is a less active member, then his wife, and 3 boys arent members. The dad got baptized about 15 years ago and clung on to the church for several years…but then he fell into addictions…stopped going to church..and went to rehab. So he’s fresh out of rehab now and told us all about how he’s dying to go back to he can have that peace and happiness in his life again. He has an incredible story! we’re excited to start teaching him. (and hopefully his family too 🙂

Ive realized that theres lots of days on the mission where theres no visible “success.” not a lot of lessons taught….not any new people found…no visible progress…But ive learned that theres not a day that goes by where i dont learn something. The mission is fullllll of experiences that teach me…teach me how to be more charitable..patient..teach me how to rely on the savior more…etc. I realize that in those days where i dont see any visible progression in our investigators, theres visible progression in me…and that builds up to help us as missionaries be more qualified for this work. its a blessing forsure.
on a side note- this week was probably one of the best concerning food…i ate like a mexican. poyo,sopa, arroz, tacos con carne y calabaza, and my very first elote. (aka corn on the cob smothered in chile powder)  hispanics feed us like no other. its great
Have a great week! love you all. Keep prayin, keep readin the BOM, keep the faith. The church is true.
con amor,
hermana brown

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