macho burrito & dia de los muertos

his is massiel. she's from chile, married a dude from here. they're in our branch. and she's our bestie. and yes she's wearing my nametag

this is massiel. she’s from chile, married a guy from here. they’re in our branch. and she’s our bestie. and yes she’s wearing my nametag

So i know im not serving in mexico, but hermana fermoso has told me all about what they do in mexico for halloween and im starting a protest that we switch to what they do. on dia de los muertos they put out all the favorite foods of their loved ones that have passed away, and then the next day they eat it in memory of them. soooooo much more meaning behind it. Im gonna start the trend in the states when im home next year.

This week flew by. as do they all…We’ve been at Maria’s house everyday this week…Truly just focusing so hard on helping her during this time. It’s been amazing to see the Lord’s hand in this situation. Seeing how much her and Marcelino have struggled..and now seeing how its getting better day by day. its a tender mercy forsure. Marcelino even asked if we wanted to come over for dinner one day! he made us all dinner and joined us for a lesson. Its evident that the Lord is changing his heart.
mi hijo. face makeup cred: me

mi hijo. face makeup cred: me

We still don’t know anything forsure about the wedding or baptism…we’re going over tonight to confirm what their plans are. A few days ago i was really stressed out about it..and just upset that its been such a complicated process, but then kinda just had the lightbulb moment of “this is the Lord’s work…we’re just the instruments in his hands.” I know that the Lord is sooo aware of Maria and her needs right now. I hope and pray that we can be the servants that He needs us to be so that she can feel His love for her.
macho burrito from our new fav restaurant. my infamous "im in heaven because im eating mexican food" face

macho burrito from our new fav restaurant. my infamous “im in heaven because im eating mexican food” face

I cant remember if i’ve mentioned her before, but theres this lady, Isabel, and she’s awesome. she actually always ticked off at the world, and she scares me a lot, but once you start talking to her she’s really awesome. anywaaaay, she just went through this nasty divorce and expressed to us that she’s looking for that peace in her life that she knows the gospel can bring. So we had this bomb lesson with her and were suppppper excited to get the ball rollin with her, and then the elders call us “hey sisters, so we talked to president, and it turns out that sisters actually arent allowed to teach on the Reservation, so you cant teach Isabel anymore. We went over to her house tonight and we’ll take over for now. so sorry”  -______-   haha i was mad. but then i realized that it dont matter. she’s receiving the gospel!! thats the important part.
im readin the book of mormon in spanish all the way through for the first time! im in alma right now, story of the stripling warriors. I read this verse this morning and loooved it.
 21 Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that theirmothers had taught them.

Cant remember who said it..but it reminded me of the saying that obedience brings blessings..but exact obedience brings miracles. i know thats the case with all of us. if we wanna be happy every other day, be obedient to god’s commandments. if you wanna see miracles and answers to prayers, be exactly obedient.

Grateful for all that im learning and all these amazing people that im meeting. This gospel truly changes lives.
love ya all.
hermana brown




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