i ate a moose

tis the season!! first snow of the year

tis the season!! first snow of the year

if i had to describe the Pocatello Idaho Spanish speaking mission in 1 item of food, it would be moose tacos. hahaha dont think theres anywhere else in the world that you could witness that. but its possible. hispanics are creative with their tacos. And they were pretty dang good.

So apparently Pokey cant get enough of me. 5 more weeks here with hermana Fermoso! im excited. Feel like theres lots of miracles around the corner and i feel blessed that we will be able to see the fruits of our labors. Crazy though, president is kinda runnin an experiment with us, we’re losing our english wards! so we will only have the spanish work. We’ll be the only spanish speaking companionship in the mission who isnt doing english work too! We’re pumped. It’ll be hard at first…we love our english wards and we were teaching some awesome people, but im thankful for the opportunity that we’ll have to focus on the branch, and continue to help it grow.
Sooo i can never remember who/what ive already written about…but theres this 13 year old kid, Jorge, and this week we were able to take him on a tour of the church building AND SET A BAPTISMAL DATE! the 12th of December, his birthday 🙂 he’s so precious. He has a sad family life…parents are divorced..his mom and aunt are involved with drugs…and he’s the oldest of 4 kids, so he’s basically like the dad of the family. We know that he’s so prepared…and that the gospel will bring his family that strength,comfort and aid. SO STAY TUNED. it’ll be good.

moose soup and moose tacos

moose soup and moose tacos

Maria’s date (as of now) has been dropped. and its not a fun subject..but it’ll happen when its supposed to. She’s just got a lot of stuff to figure out. Thankfully none of it has to do with the church. She would be baptizedtomorrow if she could…its just other life stuff. So please continue to keep her in your prayers.
Last night we had a really cool experience. We were over at the home of la familia Ramirez, that less active family that we’re working with to get them to the temple. (they were the ones that fed us moose..) But it was a really awesome visit cause i feel like we really bonded…hermano ramirez opened up to us and told us about how a lot of the time he doesnt go to church because he feels inadequate…he’s not confident with his amount of knowledge of the gospel and feels like someones gonna call on him during sunday school or somethin and he’s not gonna know the answer. Anyway, he totally cried to us and then went off about how he admires us so much as missionaries…for teaching them…for being so young and sacrificing so much. Which of course made me cry…haha it was just a little tender mercy for me. Shows that the Lord is aware of you, because that was something i needed to hear..gave me a little reminder of what this work is all about. I pray that little by little we can touch hearts and little by little we can help build the kingdom of God.
So thankful for all of you! for the love, support and prayers…keep on keepin on yall. life is good.
con amor,
hermana brown
birthday girlllll!

birthday girlllll!



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