a m m o n



transfers. Yep, sayin farewell to good ole Pocatello after 4 months. Wednesdaymorning im headed to Ammon! its Idaho Falls basically…just like 5 minutes outside. And i’ll be with Hermana Cole! She’s from Oregon and she’s gorgeous. Just wait and see. Pics to be seen next week. She’s also the nicest person ever, so once again i’ve been blessed with another awesome companion.

 Im going to miss Fermoso and Pocatello so much though…This area was no Grace, Idaho..haha thats forsure. Lots more doors slammed in the face. And a lot harder to find success. But i fell in love with the spanish branch and the people we taught. I literally sobbed for all 3 hours of church yesterday at the branch…just thinking about how i wont get to see all those families every week anymore. It was pretty embarrassing actually..hahaha but i realized that what a blessing it is to meet people that you can come to love that much…and its even more of a blessing that idaho is no distant far far away land that i will never be able to come back to. Hispanics know how to love. and they know how to make you feel loved. for the 4 months i’ve been here that branch has truly been my family. im grateful that the Lord truly knows us individually…as missionaries he knows where we need to be and who we need to meet and what we need to learn from them.
BUT OKAY, enough of my sob story. This week was good. very good. Angel and her family are a gift from above, forreals. We were able to have a lesson with her and her husband on wednesday which touched me a lot. Antonio, her husband (who is a recent convert) met the missionaries back in Ohio….They helped him overcome some issues and turned his life around. He was baptized and has the most solid testimony. it was the best sight seeing Antonio, Angel, their kids Priscilla, Francisca, and Reyes, AND 2 of their cousins all walk into church yesterday. They filled up an entire pew with us…:’) I had times this week where the little devil on my shoulder told myself “of course the miracle family arrives right when im leaving…” But then had the reality check that the change of heart is what counts. the message shared is the key. Doesnt matter what missionaries teach em or baptize them..
im excited to see what adventures lie ahead in Ammon with Hermana Cole. Its reassuring to know that the Lord is in control…trust in him, follow him, and you dont gotta worry about a thing.
love you all!
con amor,
hermana brown



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