el amor de nuestro Padre

our besties in the branch

our besties in the branch


Happy new year to you all!!! 2015 literally flew.. makes me want to be better at living every day to the fullest and taking advantage of every opportunity.

This week we had MLC (mission leadership counsel) with president and sister hancock, which was AMAZING. President issued the challenge to all of us to study and focus more on “knowing the Godhead” (referring to the talk by Elder Holland in this months ensign..GO READ IT) He talked a lot about how we was members of the church take a lot of our knowledge for granted. Especially the fact that we have a loving Heavenly Father. He’s not a god of hate or anger…but love and mercy. President challenged us all to learn more of the Godhead this week and promised that by learning more of them, we will feel their love stronger in our lives. And therefore be able to carry that love more clearly to our investigators.
SO, this week was awesome in ways that are a little different than normal. It was an atrocious week number-wise…haha seriously so bad. No one was home…we had so many meetings, and then 2 days of free time with the holidays again. It kinda led to Sister Cole and i feelin like pretty crappy missionaries. On top of there not being much work, im coming up on my year mark next week. Haha and i forreals feel like im having my midlife crisis. 6 months left feels like nothing…There’s so much more i wanna do and accomplish. And it was kinda getting overwhelming to think about. And sister cole is in the same boat. SO, we asked Bro Hunt to give us Priesthood blessings the other night. And holy moly was it needed. As soon as brother hunt placed his hands on my head, i received a strong confirmation that the words he was about to say were truly from Heavenly Father..to me. In the blessing it was mentioned that the work i have given forth so far is “perfectly acceptable” by the Lord. And in that moment the thought kinda came into my mind of “who the heck am i to doubt or underestimate the love of my Heavenly Father?” That came as a huuuuge answer to my prayers….God’s love for each of us is unchangeable and unshakable. Doesnt matter how much success im seeing in the field number wise…Or the outward results that we’re seeing in any of our lives. He knows our hearts. & His love for us is truly uncomprehendable.
Like i said, it was really difficult to meet with any investigators this week, so i dont have much to update on that. But we did take this week to focus on building our relationships with our ward members, which was super cool. We had a family home evening with the spanish branch last night and it was so fun. I’ve realized that white people kind of scare me now….hahaha hispanics all the way. Im so blessed to have the opportunity to serve them here.
The church is so true. Love you all!
hermana brown

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