week full of goodness






Cute little Vega boys when we played soccer on Tuesday

Cute little Vega boys when we played soccer on Tuesday

holyyyy wow, this past week has been amazing in so many ways. The blessings and miracles are rolling in, and the work is finally picking up. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to be right here, right now..Heavenly Father is spoiling us for sure.

So startin from the start… On tuesdays we always have our lessons with David, so we went over to preview the baptismal interview questions, and right when we walk in we see Hermano Castro sitting on the couch flipping through his scriptures and he looks up and says all excitedly “hermanas where in the scriptures does it have the prayer i say when i baptize david?!!”….my heart melted. then as we taught david, he was just sitting there on the couch flipping through the little scripture mastery flashcard things. hahaha AH. the best thing. i cannot wait to see all that happens with that family.
then thursday, oh my goodness. the craziest thing happened. So we had planned to go see a couple different families in this trailer park- and both of them werent home. of course. So we’re heading home and all of the sudden we see this suppppper old lady in a power wheelchair outside shoveling the snow on her driveway. So we pulled over. got out and asked her if we could help her. before i could even get the words out of my mouth she goes “yes please, i need help. i came out here to shovel snow and ive been trying to go back inside but theres ice on my ramp and the wheels on my chair keep slipping..i cant get up.” with sister cole in front of her and me at the back, we pulled her wheelchair up the ramp and were able to get her back inside. she was shivering so much. i asked her how long she had been stuck out there in the cold and she just said ” awhile..” So long story short, we left her inside and then went and shoveled her driveway for her. At one point she came out on the porch again with a few dollar bills in her hand. I told her that we couldnt accept her money, but that we would love to share a message about Jesus Christ with her after we were done. She told me that she was baptist, but she agreed to let us share something. so before leaving we shared a short message about the plan of salvation and eternal families (she expressed her loneliness since her husbands passing) it was soooo cool. If we hadnt have been prompted to stop and ask that lady if we could help, who knows how long she couldve been stuck out there in the cold…lesson learned: always always always follow promptings from the spirit.
SATURDAY– the castro family had us for dinner. a few weeks  back i had mentioned that i was craving some bomb carnitas…so guess what she made us? carnitas. heck yes. and pineapple water..and tamales…and chicharon. i dont think i can ever go back to american food. After we ate dinner we just visited with them and asked hermano y hermana castro about their childhood and how they found the church..they got emotional talking about all of it and expressed how happy they were that we came that night to eat but more to just get to know them better. We finished the night with watchin the little restoration movie together. it was the coolest thing to hear david’s parents testify to him about the prophet joseph smith.
THEN! sunday. always so good. i love fast and testimony meeting. I love being able to get up and bear my testimony while seeing all those humble members in front of me. Later that night after dinner we got a call from hermano jesus saying that he was going to stop by the vega’s house, so we should meet him and have a lesson. (we had been trying to catch them at home all week but hadnt had any luck) sooo we race over there to meet him and they were home!! Their faces lit up when they saw us…especially the little kids’. they are the cutest. We visited with them for a bit, and were then able to teach about baptisms for the dead. ( i cant remember if ive mentioned it before, but hermana vega brought that up like the first time we met her…she didnt understand it and thought it was odd.) We were able to teach a background on the plan of salvation and the purpose of this earth life..to gain a body and partake in earthly ordinances. we showed her where it talks about it in the bible and watched all the pieces click together in her head. She thanked us at the end of the lesson for clarifying the misinformation that she had received, and told us that what we shared was something she believed was right and fair…We invited them all to church this week and they said they would love to come. i. was. beaming. they are probably one of the most special families that i have met on my mission.
i love this gospel. i love the everlasting happiness that it brings us. Thank you all for your love and prayers!!!!
con amor,
hermana brown

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