turnin a new leaf





well hello all. Spring has finally arrived here in Idaho, and its bringing lots of happiness and miracles.

Cant believe another week has raced by, but so much good has happened. but before i get in to allll that, shout out to Herms Cole and heres to another 7 weeks together here in Ammon!! another transfer. it’ll be a good one!!
This week we’ve seen more amazing progress with Marta. She started working this week, so we didnt get to see her as much as we wanted, BUT on saturday we did get to take her to the temple visitor’s center to watch the Restoration movie. i think i’ve talked about this before, but there’s such  power in the restoration. The spirit was incredibly strong while we watched that movie, and we know that Marta felt it. She came to church again this sunday…she’s taking in everything so perfectly it kind of seems unreal..haha. we will be setting a baptismal date with her this week! please pray that she will have desires to accept and continue on this path.
Yesterday we also got to go to one of our old english wards to go to a baby blessing of our fav ward mission leader, bro curtis. We walked in, sat down, and a couple minutes later we see the elders come in with Nick Martinez!!!! remember him?? the atheist/buddhist?? yeah. he’s apparently been coming to church and progressing a ton. I almost started to cry when i saw him..haha just such a testament that as missionaries, we ourselves may not see the progress of certain people..but we plant seeds that other missionaries can harvest in the future.
This week sister Cole and I have been pondering a lot about what we can change and do better to be more effective missionaries. SO! We decided to start the “challenge” of the 40 day fast. Yesterday we fasted and prayerfully considered 10 things that we needed to stop doing or start doing. And hooollly moly, its crazy how many things you realize you need to change when you look at it with an open and willing heart. But we know that by changing these things we’ll have the spirit as our undeniable and constant companion.
Sorry for the kinda short email. its a busy pday! love you all. have a great week!
hermana brown

tried pupusas for the first time. amazing.

tried pupusas for the first time. amazing.

the whole spanish zone!

the whole spanish zone!


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