fruits of our labors



our little English class

our little English class

busy busy busy week! There’s always so much to tell and the emails never do these experiences justice… Sister Cole and i have really been working on journal writing this transfer. these are experiences i want to remember and cherish forever. im sooo grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with everything ive experienced out here in the mission field.

So last monday we had that FHE with the familia Silva and it was so good. We shared the new easter video…( GO WATCH! ) and then just visited with them…got to know them..Learned about their lives in the church and how its blessed them. Then this week, we were sittin in church and in walk the entire Silva family. The branch said its been forever since Hermana silva had been there… it was the coolest thing. Im so grateful for the opportunity that we have to serve in this branch. Its smalll..but its growing..and it is so amazing to get to know these members and help strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. We had an awesome lesson in relief society yesterday about the atonement and the resurrection of Christ.. So many of the ladies in the branch bore such powerful testimonies of their knowledge of Christ and his realness and his love…I cant explain it, but if you’ve served a mission with the hispanic people you know what im saying. They just have something special about them. They’re so close to our Heavenly Father. Their faith is unshakable. I feel so blessed to be serving them here where i can grow from their examples.
Update on Marta! We had an awesome lesson with her on saturday night. She’s so cute. That night she told us “a lady at work asked me what religion i am…and i told her that im Mormon!… even though im not baptized yet.” and then she just giggled and smiled. We taught her the Word of Wisdom that night and committed her to live it (even though she’s already been living it…) She’s so excited for her baptism. We did have to bump her date back though…just because of stake baptisms and Women’s conference on the 26th. So she’s going to be baptized onApril 9th! Which is perfect because that weekend is her cousin, Jason’s, farewell…so all of their family will be in town. ahhh… This work is amazing.


idaho weather is so weird. it hailed like 4 times this week

idaho weather is so weird. it hailed like 4 times this week


OKAY now for the craziest part of the week…So yesterday (the intense stuff always happens on sundays..) we walked into the chapel..and a ward member comes up to us and says that theres these people that he doesnt recognize.. a man, a lady, and a little girl. They were sitting with their backs facing us, so i couldnt see there faces, but right away i thought the lady and the little girl looked really familiar..So church starts and im just staring like a creeper at the back of these peoples heads..i knewwww i knew them from somewhere. then the lady turns around and holllly molllly… it was Sister Villagomez. The villagomez family from Grace!! but the dude definitely wasnt her husband..i dont know who he was…but anyway, right after i saw her face, the little girl turned around on the bench and pointed at me and whispered to her mom. She got the hugest grin on her face and then she ran around the chapel and came and sat by me. Little Ariana…who was like 2 when i left Grace. I couldnt believe that she remembered me…haha it was the most precious moment ever. After sacrament meeting i went and talked to them..gave her a hug and asked her about little alfonso and her family in Grace. She said that theyre doing well. It was such a tender mercy to see them…and oh my goodness it touched me so much that little ariana remembered me. I guess they were just visiting Idaho falls that day, but it was such a blessing to see them. Im so grateful for all the people ive met on my mission..they’ve blessed my life in ways they’ll never know!



last thing- funniest moment of the week. In the words of Sister Cole: (i copy and pasted her email because she explained it so perfectly)  “So we have been contacting a lot of former investigators from past missionaries and so Friday we went to go try and see a guy names Felipe. He was the first of that day to answer the door and we started introducing ourselves and getting to know him and then Brown goes in for the testimony of our purpose and all the good stuff. Perfect execution.. the spirit started to flood the doorstep and then, right there, mid sentence, mid testimony.. Felipe yawns dramatically and says “wow I am falling asleep. Sorry I am just so tired.. Let me go grab something to drink”… He walks away leaving us looking the most confused and shocked I think we have ever looked in our lives.. then he comes back with the largest Gatorade bottle you can buy and says “ahhh okay, continue!”….. Classic….. Love it….. Hahah I just died afterwards in the car” hahaha yeah, literally put some dude to sleep at the doorstep while bearing my testimony. good stuff.
We got another crazy week ahead. I love it though. I love every week that goes by and i know its because I’m doing what the Lord wants me to do…you can never ever go wrong with that.
Love you all
hermana brown



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