spiritual food coma

roadtrip to Pocatello for MLC! first time back in almost 4 months :)

roadtrip to Pocatello for MLC! first time back in almost 4 months 🙂


Zone Conference, Mission Leadership Counsel AND General Conference all in one week. holy sheesh. i’ve been very very very very well fed (spiritually and physically) this past week. Im so grateful for our leaders in the church. it was so good to see President Monson up there looking so much stronger and more lively compared to last conference…his message was short, but to me that meant that the words he DID speak must’ve been verrrrry urgent and important. They hit me hard and the spirit testified to me that president monson truly is a prophet called of God.



Marta update for the week: ah, i know i say it every time, but she’s amazing. Her aunt was talking to us the other day and told us that after our lesson about tithing she asked her “so after my baptism i start paying tithing..right..?” and her aunt said yes..and asked her how she felt about that and marta said “oh yeah im going to start paying right away because i really want to go to the temple.” She also told her that she would looooove to be a missionary. So yeah, she’s ready. She had her baptismal interview yesterday, so she’s good to go! She has been such a blessing in my life. Her story and her testimony have been a testament to me that the Lord truly does prepare his children to hear this amazing message of the restored gospel.
I"m just really grateful for this

I”m just really grateful for this

This week we also got to visit la familia Mendoza. i cant remember if i’ve talked about them in the past….but they were baptized like 2 years ago…were super solid and golden, and then they kinda just dropped off the face of the planet and no one knows why. but oh my goodness they are the cutest family. They have a 17 year old girl, 16 year old son, and then a little 7 year old girl. We stopped by and shared a little mormon message and then we just bore our testimonies of Jesus Christ. Hermano Mendoza spoke up and bore one of the most powerful testimonies of Christ that i’ve ever heard….HIS testimony brought the spirit into that lesson. That really got me thinking about the less active members that we know…So many of them still treasure the gospel and have powerful testimonies of the savior. Just like we heard in conference from Elder Arnold, we just have to go rescue them. And we cant delay it!
There were so many things that stood out to me during all the conferences this week…so many impressions that i wish i could share, but also so many that i want to hold close to my heart. Something that has really been on my mind has been some thoughts from Donald Hallstrom’s talk. He talked a lot about knowing who we are…Remembering what it means to be children of God. We live in a world that causes us to forget that…so we treat casually, ignore and then forget our connection to Him. We all face trials and heartbreaks and we sometimes doubt the truths that we know… and then what is our immediate response to those instances? confusion? doubt? spiritual withdraw? or is our first response to remember who we are…Children of an allpowerful, perfect, Heavenly Father… and with that we can have an absolute trust that He knows. He knows it all. He’s got the plan down straight. and He allows some suffering because he knows it will bless us.  (thats just paraphrasing his words since its not online yet) but dang, we’re so blessed.
I love this gospel with all my heart and im grateful to be able to share it. I love you all! thanks for all the love and support.
Con amor,
Hermana Baytownbrown
giving David a "tattoo"

giving David a “tattoo”



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