back to the boondocks



Ah, transfers once again. Theyre sending me down to American Falls/Aberdeen!! The straight up boondocks. haha back to the good ole farm towns. Im really excited, but nervous too. I’ll be training a new missionary which was something i definitely did not expect! ive never trained before….so I know i’ll be looking to the Lord a lot for help. It might be hard, but i know the toughest times of my mission have been when i’ve gotten closest with my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Wow, this week we were blessed with 2 new investigators. And they are SO awesome. Carlos- he’s 15. And Mario- he’s 18. They’re cousins…originally from Mexico..they’ve only been here in the US for a few years. We met them last tuesday and they had so many questions for us. They talked about how they lost their grandpa a few years back..and how someone told them that when they saw him again, he wouldnt know them or be able to remember any of the memories of the time they spent together here on earth. We shared a video with them that night and then they literally set up their own return appointment for that Thursday (that never happens…) SO! we went back on thursday and taught them the whole Plan of Salvation lesson. and holy moly that was a golden lesson. It was so amazing to be able to teach them about the spirit world and the resurrection, and how everything will truly be restored in that day. At the end of the lesson we asked Mario if he would offer the closing prayer. He was so nervous at first, it was precious, and then he was like “oh wait! it shows me how in that pamphlet thing you gave me, right?! okay okay.. i got this.” and then he proceeded to give theeeee best prayer ive ever heard an investigator offer EVER. It literally sounded like he had been a member his whole life… I must say, hearing investigators pray for the first time is probably one of my favorite things about the mission. Its so dang powerful. We have a return appointment with them tomorrow! so im glad i’ll get to have one last lesson with them before i go.
The past couple days have been sad…Yesterday Martha did a farewell dinner for me… hahaha carne asada, arroz and fijoles. i told her that i want that to be my last meal before i die..haha. Im going to miss her so much. Ive met so many families here in this area that have made such a big impact on my mission. I FEEL SO BLESSED.
Also- shoutout to sister Cole. My #1. ive been so blessed to have her as my compa the past 3 transfers. so many good memories.
The church is true. I cant wait to report back next week from American Falls with my new compa. Love you all!
con amor,

cutest future missionaries

cutest future missionaries


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