love ya mom

we're teaching these cute girls the new member lessons and their neighbors were like "we wanna learn too!" so it became a party.

we’re teaching these cute girls the new member lessons and their
neighbors were like “we wanna learn too!” so it became a party.


Kinda have to make this quick, which works out nice because theres not

much to update on in the past 12 hours or so that we havent talked…

this week was CRAZY. so so busy. We’ve finally kinda got our feet on
the ground here in the area. So the work is pickin up! We’re working
with this family, la family Cruz. They’re an older couple, theyre both
about 70 or so. And they’re so precious. They’ve had missionaries for
quite awhile and they LOVE us. they love the visits and whenever we
come they pull out their book of mormon and are ready to read. They
know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and they read it all
the time even when we’re not there. SO, we went over for a less this
week trying to figure out what their concern is…because they arent
progressing! they never come to church or want to do any of the
commitments that we leave with them. So, we ended up just meeting with
hermana cruz because her husband was busy. and she totally opened up
to us. Basically she would get baptized tomorrow if she wanted to, but
she doesnt know what to do because her husband doesnt want to go to
church and she wants to make this decision with him. They have a
daughter who married a member and got baptized and so hermana cruz was
telling us “my daughter always tells me that she knows one day we will
join….and i know she’s right. i know one day it will happen. my
husband just doesnt know it yet. and that worries me, because were
old! and we dont know how much time we have left here”  Her saying
that kinda shifted my whole perspective of this message we’re
sharing… it got me thinking, holyyyy moly, this is urgent! we have
to get these concerns resolved and we gotta get them baptized before
their time here on earth is up! but then later i was
should be that urgent with everyone we teach! This message is so
important and so valuable. I love a quote from Ezra Taft Benson:

“We are commanded by God to take this gospel to all the world.That is
the cause that must unite us today. Only the gospel will save the
world from the calamity of its own self-destruction. Only the gospel
will unite men of all races and nationalities in peace. Only the
gospel will bring joy, happiness, and salvation to the human family”

its so true. the gospel is the only thing that can save this world. so
its for everyone. and its our duty to spread it.

love you all. Shout out to my fam, it was so good seeing you all
yesterday. I love you momma and am soooo grateful to have your
example, love and support in my life. Hope you all have a great week!

con amor,
hermana brown


hermana lopez makin me elote. SO GOOD.

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