spiritually and physically well fed.

chorizo breakfast burritos. so good.

chorizo breakfast burritos. so good.

holy moly. so many amazing teaching experiences this week. We also had
Zone Conference with Elder Wilford Anderson of the 70, and we also ate
sooooooo much good mexican food. ah, im exhausted.

So, Patricia. i cant remember if we’ve talked about her, but she’s one
of our investigators. She loves loves meeting with us and tells us
that she’s learning so much and can feel her faith growing, but she
wont keep a gosh dang commitment!! we keep committing her to come to
church and she always says ” i’ll come when i get that feeling in my
heart that its what God wants me to do.”  So this week we watched the
Restoration video and talked about how Joseph Smith acted on his faith
and prayed to God to know what to do. We explained to her that a lot
of the times we wont get our answers until after we take a step of
faith. during our lesson she told us a story about how one time she
was feeling really lonely and depressed, and then she felt this warm,
happy, comforting feeling come over her. She said it was the Virgin
Guadelupe…haha but we helped her see that it was the Holy Ghost. We
told her that those are the feelings we can have with us allllll the
time, when we’re baptized and follow the example of the Savior. We’re
so blessed!

THEN! gabby sanchez


. oh my gosh she is an angel. So she’s 18 and she
has been taking the lessons for a few months now. We had our first
lesson with her this week and we asked her why she keeps having the
missionaries over. She said ” i dont know what it is! but while you
guys are here, and even after you leave, theres this super peaceful
feeling in our home. and i love it!” ah, thats one of my favorite
parts of being a missionary. Hearing our investigators describe the
feelings of the Spirit, but just not knowing what to call it. She also
told us that she wants to get baptized…and she’s wanted to for a few
months now…but she has this super demanding job and she can never
get sundays off. she told us “i want to get baptized so bad, but i
also want to be committed once im a member. so i dont want to be
missing church all the time.” She is so solid. Her plan is to quit her
job at the end of the summer, get baptized, and then go to study. I
absolutely love meeting so many people with so many different
background stories. Every story and every person is so different but
seeing them all arrive to the same conclusion and hearing them all
testify that they know the church is true..its the best. It
strengthens my own testimony so much.

celebratin a birthday with la familia flores.

celebratin a birthday with la familia flores.

okay and the grand finale…so when we first got to the area the
elders serving in American falls gave us a referral for this dude!
they said, “his name is brian. His wife is a member. he’s not. He’s on
probation. But he wants to get baptized.” Sooooo we were dying to meet
him, but he drives truck, so he’s only home on the weekends. So this
saturday we finally got to meet him! and holy moly, he has the coolest
story. So him and his wife got married however long ago, she’s a
returned missionary, super active…but Brian always thought the
church was dumb and just not for him. Then 10 years ago he messed up
and went to jail and was there for 5 years. So his wife decided to
keep him busy and sent him the book of mormon. for 5 years he studied
the heck out of the book of mormon in jail and became converted and
realized that the book was true. When he got out of prison he started
meeting with the missionaries over in the Twin falls area. Then he
moved over here! So we got it all set up and he’s going to meet with
our mission president this weekend to see if he can be baptized. so we
shall see!

who knew i’d experience so much crazy stuff in Idaho?? haha i sure
didnt. but its a testament to me that God knows where we need to be.
Doesnt matter where you serve, its the same powerful message that
we’re all sharing, and it changes lives! its so dang good.

love you all and hope its a great week!

Hermana brown




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