miracle of forgiveness

i dont have much time to write today, due to all of the Memorial Day
festivities. so i apologize if this update is shorter than usual!

This week was crazy good. We met so many new people and saw sooo many
tender mercies.

So the reasoning for the subject line- Yesterday Brian, (our
investigator who’s on probation) was interviewed by our mission
president. He came out of the long interview looking so peaceful… We
talked to President after and he told us that Brian is an amazing man,
and that the sooner he sends the letter to the 1st presidency, the
sooner brian can get baptized. He gave us some details of Brian and
his circumstances and dang..it hit me so hard how forgiving and
merciful the Lord truly is. It doesn’t matter what you did or who you
were in the past….what matters is the direction you’re headed. I
know that the Savior wants to forgive. He’s just waiting for us to
come to Him so he can relieve us of all of our mistakes and guilt. Its
funny how thats one of those things that i’ve always “known”, but then
you witness a real life situation and it becomes so much more real.
and your understanding and gratitude deepens.

Have a great memorial weekend everyone! love you all! pictures and a
longer email next week!

hermana brown


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