elder christofferson


sent FOUR of my companions off home last week. love em all so much.

sent FOUR of my companions off home last week. love em all so much.

This week was a special week! Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the 12
came and visited our mission. For the first time in the 17 months that
i’ve been here in the IPM, our entire mission got together for a
conference. Elder Christofferson spoke and it was so powerful. I’ll
never forget the feeling of him walking into the chapel…everyone
went silent and we all stood. Then we all go to come up and shake his
hand. From the words he spoke and the way he spoke them, theres no
denying that he’s a man called of God. i feel so blessed for the
opportunity that we had to meet him!

making camarones a la diabla the other day. so. stinkin. good.

making camarones a la diabla the other day. so. stinkin. good.

This week we got to have another lesson with Pooria. We went to
bishop’s house and taught him the Restoration and it was so cool. We
were talking about Joseph Smith and the persecution he experienced
after he restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Pooria says ” you
know, i’ve come to realize that the better and more true something
gets….the more enemies it gets. That was actually first caught my
attention about your church. I kept hearing so many strange rumors
about your faith and i figured they werent true. And then i realized
that if theres so much gossip about it…it must be true. People are
probably just afraid and intimidated by the truth of it. So thats why
i wanted to learn more about your church!” I’m pretty sure my mouth
was hanging open…hahaha who on earth thinks like that!?? Someone
prepared of the Lord, thats who. We had stake conference this week and
he came. The speakers talked a lot about temples. He has lots of new
questions now, but he loved what he heard. His wife is coming to visit
for a month, so hopefully we’ll get to teach the both of them this

This sunday we also got one of our less-actives to church, Ellie. That
family is one of my favorites. She’s a single mom going through a
divorce. she has 3 cute kids. She’s gone through so much in her life,
and right now she’s facing divorce, depression and addiction. We’ve
been trying to get her to church ever since we got to the area! And
this weekend she came with her kids. It was so awesome. During the
opening him she leaned over and whispered to me “i feel so good being
back here.” It was the highlight of my whole week!

I have to cut this email short cause we’re gonna go learn how to make
amazing mexican food from hermana flores. we’re so spoiled.

Love you all and hope its a great week for everyone. Church is true!

Hermana Brown



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